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One day, recently, I came across a series of posts/instructions for making paper flowers.  I picked a couple that looked like fun and went to work making flowers.  I love the results.  I wanted to share my process and my alterations.

I used 5×5 origami paper.  I recommend starting with origami paper since it is designed to fold intricately which will make these flowers easier to learn.

The “original” flower can be found here.  This is the first flower I made and the one I based the rest of my flowers on.

You will make 3 “petals” so you will need 3 sheets of paper.


Every flower starts with a series of folds.  Fold corner to corner to make a large triangle.


Fold that corner to corner (along the fold side).


Fold corner to corner one more time.


Rotate the triangle until the last fold side is to the left side.  With the point down, draw a petal shape.


Cut out the petal.  For ease of future use, use your first petal shape to make a template.  This will ensure that your other petals are consistent.

Repeat with the remaining pieces of paper.


Trim off the ends.  Please note that I discovered too late that I cut too much off.  It is better to cut conservatively and trim more later than to cut too much at the beginning.  Just trim off no more than about 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch.  After your first flower, you will have a better feel.


Your finished petal should look similar to this.  It will have 8 segments.


This is tricky to explain but easy to actually figure out.  You will cut off sections of each set of petals.  On your first, you will cut 1 petal or segment.  The second, two.  The third, three.

You will have 6 sets of petals  – 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7.

For your single petal, wrap around a pen and glue.  I discovered after my first one that it works better if you place the top of the petal higher on the pen so that it funnels down.


Glue your remaining petal sets so that the edges connect (this is where watching the original video is great because you can see what she is doing, just be aware, I did make some minor changes).


Starting with the smallest, glue the petals together (placing smaller petal into larger).  I did use all the petals.  I believe that the original has you discarding the 3 petal.  I did find that it worked so much better to glue slowly, letting each layer dry before adding the next.  When making several, I was able to work in an assembly line so I wasn’t tempted to glue early.


Being that this was still my first attempt, I had a really terrible end.  My holes were a little large so the glue wasn’t adhering like I wanted and, because I was impatient, I had a lot of wet glue.


So I added a little washi tape to hold it all together.  It worked and once I place these where they will live, you can’t even see the ends.


The finished rose.


Curl the edges with a skewer, paint brush or knitting needle to give it more dimension.
There’s the rose.

I found an instructable that showed how to alter the rose to make additional flowers.  Their original flower was folded differently so I opted to go with what I knew and just borrow some inspiration.

Starting with same 3 pieces of paper and the same folds.


Before cutting your petal, fold again.  This petal is long and rounded.  (Remember to make templates after each petal design.)


I will confess that I did some trimming and prettying up the edges.  Cutting that much paper makes for some strange corners.  You can see them in the picture below since that was before I trimmed.


Repeat the remaining flower making process.  This time cut a segment of 2 petals for every one so that you are still cutting in parts of 8.


That same fold can be used to make a variety of petal shapes.


I thought I’d play with trying a different set of folds.  I’m almost sure that these are interchangeable.


Fold into a rectangle.


Then a square.


And then a triangle.


Cut a pointy, triangular shaped petal.


This one, I decided to color the single petal to give the flower a more lily look.


The final flowers.  My camera insisted on altering the coloring.  It was making me crazy.  So here’s a not so pretty picture but it gives you a truer color.  As you can see, my reading pile was being put to good use.