I can’t say I am overwhelmed because I don’t feel that way.  I’m super busy but my busy seems to be somewhat balanced.  I have deadlines but I am meeting them.  However, I can’t seem to remember anything but what I am working on.

Wednesday, I forgot to leave work.  At 5:20, I realized it was after work.  I commute with my mom who patiently waited for me by our car.

Yesterday, I could not remember it was Thursday.  At the end of the day (and a few reminders from others to actually remember to leave work), I shut down my computer, did my Friday night check to make sure I had everything I needed for the weekend and wished my co-worker a good weekend.  In his confusion, he announced he thought it was still Thursday (did he miss something – nope all me).

This morning I woke up really early excited it was the weekend.  Then I had to work to remember it was still Friday.

That’s been the last few days for me.  On top of it, I completely forgot to plan posts for the last two days.  Yesterday, it totally slipped my mind.

I can blame it on the sunshine.  I did that last week when I was buying our fishing licenses and suddenly panicked because I only had a $100 bill to pay for our $90 licenses.  Told the cashier I was sun drunk.

I have been working on things to share with you and thought I might actually get one finished for today but I looked, I have 2 hours left of my work day.  Two hours before I meet my family for dinner and family time.  Two hours to rush through everything to feel like I can relax for the weekend.  That is not enough time to finish that post, my work and anything else that comes along.

So I am going to take a deep breath.  Relax.  Do what I can.  And wish you all a sunny glorious weekend.  I can’t wait to share adventures with you again.  Next week, I have art/craft posts, a foraging post (maybe more, who knows), daffodils, garden plans and maybe a recipe or two.  Hopefully, I will be recharged enough to remember what those plans are when Monday comes.