Not as many experiments completed in the month of March.  I already shared the Corned Beef, which was amazing, and the grenadine experiments.

March was all about pasta.  We eat an insane amount of pasta because it’s quick, easy, and cheap.

We didn’t have any outright fails this month but some ho-hum results did happen.

Giant No Bake Oatmeal Cookie – We loved that it was healthy and it tasted good.  Our result was too soft after waiting the hour.  The next day, what remained was much better.  I’m planning on returning to this recipe to see if we can make a version that works for us.  I’d like to see it become something we can grab for a quick breakfast.

Butter Chicken– Months ago, we found a jarred butter sauce at the grocery store.  The space since has been empty.  They still have a tag for it but no sauce.  So we tried this recipe.  While it was good.  It was tasty.  It wasn’t the same so we were disappointed.  We had an expectation.  It reminded me of this coconut soup I make (which is weird because there is no coconut milk in this recipe).

Down-Home Pork Chops – This is another one that tasted good but didn’t make us excited.  It’s an okay recipe but the end result was a lot like the way we normally cook pork chops with more work.  It was weird because we expected it to be special.

Our successes:

One Pot Fettuccine Alfredo – we actually had this last night for dinner.  My husband put in too much pasta so it was rather dry.  That didn’t change the fact that the family loved it.  The flavor was great and we can work on not adding so much pasta next time.  I will say that one should use sturdy noodles with this recipe.  We ended up with tiny clumps of pasta because we used spaghetti and angel hair.

Taco Spaghetti – This was a recipe from the beginning of the month.  I barely remember it but I do remember that the family raved about it.  They loved it so much there was talk of having it again soon.

Garlic Alfredo Sauce – This is another super simple but oh so tasty recipe.  My son loves alfredo sauce from a jar.  I don’t get it especially when a recipe like this is so much better.  We used our homemade cream cheese which was awesome.

Not a lot this time but I’ll take a month of a few recipes that were successful than a month filled with a ton of partially loved experiments.