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I usually hate to share a project before it’s really finished but I am running behind right now.  I saw this sandpaper play on Carolyn Dube’s blog and really wanted to try it.

You see I love crafting with sandpaper from Dollar Tree.  You get 12 sheets for $1.


It’s really thin sandpaper and terrible for any real sanding project (great for sanding little projects).

Per Carolyn’s idea, I pulled out my remaining full sheets of sandpaper and went to painting them.


I ended up with 5 pages in different colors.  These use a lot of paint which was great because I have several sets of really cheap student grade acrylic (tubes not craft paint in bottles).  It’s terrible paint but it worked great here.  I was able to use up quite a bit of the worst of my sets.

Just so you know, I have purchased a few art sets.  Many come with a variety of paint sets but to make them affordable, the paint is super cheap.  This particular set had so many other issues such as leaky tubes that I didn’t want to waste it but I couldn’t come up with a great project.

Anyway, I was able to sneak in a little time to play with the white one I painted (seen above).  I’m hoping to find time to get to the other ones because they will be so much more fun since they are all sorts of colors.

I used my little set of soft pastels that I got for $2.50 from Michaels a few months ago.  They are rather dusty but that didn’t cause too much of a problem.  I love all the colors.  The set has 36 colors.  Now I will warn you that they are regular priced at $5 but since it was the only not on clearance that day, I got it half off with my coupon.

The great thing about this sort of play is that it is designed to be on the juvenile side.  I was so thrilled to make something that didn’t have to be realistic, it just had to be fun.  I love the idea of childish art and am thinking it may be just what we need framed as art in our living room.

I will warn you, this week is crazy.  Work is busy and I, of course, have started a few projects without realizing that work would be crazy.  So I am moderately stressed and not getting things done.  Tonight might be some cooking – which reminds me, I haven’t shared what recipes we experimented with last month (hooray, I have one less blog post to invent this week).