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It’s been about a week now but I saw this Watchmojo (youtube) video  – the top ten videos that leave us wondering what they were thinking (or something like that).  I couldn’t believe this video had made that top ten, especially give the other videos on the list.

I was a kid when this video came out.  We didn’t have MTV so anytime I could find music videos I was excited.  And this one was one of my favorites.  First, even at that age, I was a huge David Bowie fan.  Mick Jagger was someone I knew since my father was all about 60’s music but I didn’t love the Rolling Stones.  This song made me a fan, okay it made me open to listening to their music.

It’s all about fun and being silly and was the perfect song/video for a young girl who loved music.  I just can’t believe that the video is listed with such strange videos (and I do mean strange).  What were they thinking – “this is what fun looks like”.

Hope you find yourself doing some dancing this week (you don’t even have to do it in the streets).