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Wow, March seemed like the longest month ever.  I was feeling accomplished but now the month is over, I have a ton of things I didn’t get done.  Not a real problem, just one of those things that makes me laugh.

I am just now at the end of my cold.  It’s the bane of my existence.  Some day I will stop coughing.

The things that make me feel accomplished – I finished my ballet slipper piece:


I wanted it to have cobwebs and now it does.  I love the piece.

I got my March tag done early and started a new art challenge with Mission Inspiration.  I have been creating a fair amount of art projects and lots of play.  It’s rather inspiring.

I’m reading again which is fun.

We got to leave the house and go outside for Free Park Day at a local state park (see picture at the top).  It was great to get out of the house.  The weather was perfect.  We had a picnic which in March is unheard of.  It snowed a day later but I didn’t care.

Last weekend, my family went to our local Pow Wow.  We’re going to another one tomorrow in a neighboring community.  The pictures from these events and our trip to the park are the start of a new project.  I’m making a website on daytripping in our area.  The hard part is I need pictures so most of what I am sharing will have already passed.  I’m hoping to get it to a point where I am sharing pictures and stories so other people can participate in events and outings.

There’s not a lot to share that I haven’t already shared.  I am loving this first day of April.  The sun is shining (with a promise for a perfect weekend).  I am feeling creative and inspired and loved.  Sunshine does that to me.  I love that my husband joined me for a short walk last night.  IMG_20160331_173243.jpg

Isn’t that quite the image.  I love the orange reflecting in the water.  This area was once affectionately known as Lake de Puddle.  I just love that name.


Speaking of beautiful images – look at these clouds from yesterday morning.  I just had to stop and take a picture.

Last picture – every month, I do a bulletin board project outside my office.  I think it’s fun to have something to share with my hall and keep me working those creative muscles.  I have been meaning to share them but I forget to take pictures so here is March’s.


Hope your March was wonderful and inspired.  Can’t wait to see what April brings.