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I have wanted to make grenadine for ages.  I tried last year but overcooked it.  I didn’t have a recipe and it might have been okay if it hadn’t turned out as a smoky flavored hard candy.

So I collected a couple recipes and went to work.  I should note that I purchased a large bottle of Pom brand juice which was the perfect amount to make both of these recipes.

The first recipe was this Homemade Grenadine from Over the Hill and On a Roll blog.  I didn’t love that it took forever to make.  After over an hour of simmering, my grenadine was not as thick as the grenadine in the picture.  It was simple to make and it’s nicely low in sugar.

Our second recipe was Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s DIY Grenadine from Food 52.  This came together so easy.  I happened to have all the ingredients in my pantry because we have this amazing Middle Eastern market and I like to buy weird things.  For everyone else, this might be a difficult recipe to get all the ingredients (even though I think you could just make this with the juice and sugar and be just fine).

Once they were made, we did a taste test.  My son thought it would be fun to make Roy Rogers which are cola and grenadine.  So we picked up a cold bottle of Coke.  For each glass, we did 2 tablespoons grenadine and 8 ounces of soda.

I will note that #2 foamed up and over the top of the glass.  I have no idea why but it left us scratching our heads.

The results – my son and husband preferred the flavor of recipe number 1 while I loved the floral tones of #2.

I love that we have something fun.  My son is a grenadine addict and I hate that it’s almost all artificial ingredients (when you buy it).  These were easy recipes and will make life interesting for a short time.  Each one made a quart jars worth of grenadine so I’m thinking I’ll can them in 8 oz jars so they last longer.  It was worth the time and money invested.  I think it might even be about the same or perhaps less than purchasing grenadine from the store.