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Anyway, we have had a lingering cold in our house.  While the symptoms are mild, there is a severe lack of sleep in my life.  I’m picking at things but mostly I spend my time playing online games because I am just too tired to want to actually work on a project.

In between games, I have been devouring graphic novels.  Page by Paige was sitting on my to read list but I have no idea where I heard about the book.  But I read it and WOW – I loved it.

While the character is a teenager, I could so relate to everything she was going through.  The story starts after her family moves to New York City and she decides to explore her feelings through drawing.  All her insecurities about life, art and just everything was so real that this 40 something woman could complete understand.  It was so powerful.

Makes me want to find a sketchbook and work on drawing – why don’t I draw, I used to.  Anyway, I’m hoping that the feeling stays until I no longer feel so blah.  Meanwhile, pick it up and read it.  I don’t know if it will resonate with everyone but I really feel like it should.