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I have held on to this broken doll house for ages with the idea of turning it into a fairy garden house.  I didn’t think to take pictures until I started but I think you can see enough of what it looked like.  At this point, the only thing covered up is the cracked pink plastic roof.

For the botanicals I used potpourri.  We had received several kits with natural potpourri (all artificially fragranced – explain that one).  We are not potpourri people but I thought something might come up.  I did purchase a bag of moss from the dollar store.


Everything I used (except the moss) was from my house so this isn’t going to be a tutorial but I hope it inspires you.  I have a broken toy, a wooden plaque, and potpourri.  I attached the house to the plaque with e-6000 but the botanicals I attached with hot glue.





My husband painted the little pots for the back of the house (well it’s supposed to be the back but we have it sitting as the front).  We may find some little flowers for the pots but for now it’s just a happy little home waiting for a fairy to move in.  I’m thinking once we actually have a yard, this might go outside.  Probably somewhere where it’s not completely in the elements since I’m not sure it will hold up.

And to think, all these elements were basically trash (I will admit I rescued the house from someone else who didn’t want it because it was broken).