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It’s not a pretty picture but that didn’t mean it didn’t taste amazing.  I wished I had the foresight to have one finished in time so that other’s could make this for St. Patrick’s day but the truth is I barely got it done in time.  And this, this is a recipe that you can pull out anytime.

I used this recipe.  I’d been looking for a brisket and they are not so easy to find in my area.  I was lucky enough to find two on a discount but they both were rather small.  Of course, my family all said they were no longer eating corned beef (both my husband and son have digestive issues) so small worked for me.  This one was about 2.5 pounds.  Because of that, I halved the brine ingredients (except for the spices).  I didn’t have the pink curing salt or red pepper flakes so I skipped them.  I only had about 4 days of brining but my beef was completely encased in liquid (I used a gallon ziplock bag).

The end result was a slightly salty (to me at least) but completely enjoyable corned beef.  My family all had some with no complaints or digestive issues.  My son said it was better than store bought.  I was surprised at how easy it was.  I’m thinking I’ll cut back the salt when I do it again.

One other thing to note, the corned beef didn’t have that weird slime which makes me wonder causes store bought to develop that.  I never minded it but it is weird.

I know this may feel late but I really recommend trying to make your own corned beef.  While it’s typically a St. Patrick’s day meat, I’m looking forward to a summer hash.  It won’t slice as well for sandwiches but that doesn’t you can try.  Oh, my mom used to make rolls with corned beef baked in the center.  Maybe, I’ll save some for that – if I can keep the meat from disappearing once it’s cooked.