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After seeing this post by The Frugal Crafter, I wanted to make a fun card but I didn’t have any inspiration.  Then I remembered a challenge from a self care group I am in to make a card for yourself.  While it feels weird to make a card for yourself, I realized that it allowed me to make a practice card without feeling like it had to be perfect or intentional.


This technique is for a tri-fold sort of card with fun multilayers.  It’s not as complicated as it looks and I was able to do it with my bone folder and my paper cutter – no fancy equipment needed.  As you can see my paper cutter needs a new blade but I love those rough edges.  I don’t know why.


I dug through my paper stash.  I was going to go with this cut garden paper and do a stamped layer but then I found this burlap style with some great words such as live, love, laugh written on it.  IMG_20160317_112222

And guess what, I happen to have some stickers that I recently found in a box of paper that works perfectly.  Okay so the color scheme is off but I could make it work.


In the end, I made a card I love.  The color is not perfect here but I promise it works.  I taped it to the top of my computer monitor to remind me to enjoy this life I am living.

So far this has been a great year for my creativity.  I feel inspired to play and imagine more than I have in years.  The nice thing is that I have let go the need for it to have purpose.  I remember what it is like to be a kid again – exploring art for the sake of exploring.