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Recently, I discovered Mission Inspiration, a facebook with a monthly art journal challenge.  Since I was already behind, I took on the challenge to do 3 art journal pages (or projects) this past weekend.

Each month, MI posts a video with about 10 things that you are encouraged to put on an art journal page.  After getting down January’s prompts, I was already brimming with inspiration.

Come Saturday, I raid the supply and brought out a collection that included 2 partially painted canvases.  I opted not to work on the canvases but they are still stewing for a future project.

For the sake of time and space, I think I will give you the list of prompts and my finished results.  I did take pictures for a sort of tutorial but that doesn’t seem to be all that exciting.

apply patterned under paper or tissue
cover with thin coat of gesso
use at least 2 stamps
add torn strips of book text
add 3 collage elements
add 3 colors
make marks with white or black paint
add quotes or phrase
add doodles in black and/or white
add drips or splatters


My patterned tissue paper made me think Egyptian (well actually it was what I was remembering it looked like – not so much when I pulled it out of the drawer).  I found it very kismet that all the elements I found where Egyptian in design, including that quote which came from a magazine ad for a fundraiser.

apply 2 colors with fingers
add torn magazine advert fragments
add thin layer of gesso
add texture paste through stencil
make marks with brush or comb
adhere book text shapes
use 2 rubber stamps (text)
add doodles with colored pen
add quote or phrase like ransom note
create a border with washi tape


I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this one.  I don’t love the rubber stamp at all but the rest of it has grown on me.  I had grabbed a bunch of little paints I had.  The one I opened was thick and gross but it had a nice weirdness to it.  I can’t explain it but I loved it on the paper.  Because it was so thick, I used it through my stencil.  It dried thinner but I love the vibrant colors.  What delighted me the most was that I could break the “rules”.  I’m usually a real stickler.  If there are a set of prompts, it makes me happy to use them in the “best” way.  And I actually purposely didn’t use some of the prompts.  And I didn’t even feel guilty.

apply layer of gesso (black or white)
add opposite black or white color (if white gesso, use black paint)
add illegible scribbled words
add grocery receipt fragments
add patterned paper shapes
add focal/collage image
make marks with credit card
apply one highlight color through stencil
add journalling, quote or phrase
add drips/splatters with metallic paint


This one, I was almost sad I kept going.  I did quit because I loved the way it was before I added my images.  This one was fun, messy and with no direction.  One thing I want to share is to get the illegible writing, I was watching a movie and would write whatever word was said at that moment as messy as I could.  That was fun because it just was as random as I could get and I didn’t have to think about it.

I loved these and can’t wait to play with more.  Art journalling is not my thing and I think it should be.  It is so freeing.  I love that there is no right or wrong way to do it.  I’m keeping the prompts and think I’ll pull them out again and again until I learn to create my own.