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I forgot to give an update for the February tags when I gave my monthly report.  It was really okay because I was still a little stumped with one.  To see what I had done go here.  I hate it when I title a post part one and then never finish.  Sorry.

So I did get them both done and I love them.


This is the one with the clay background.  I went with a painted wooden heart and make a little saying (that I completely made up on the spot – how’s that for you).  Since it was so cute and I had a little oops on the bottom.  I cut off the bottom and slapped it on a card base.  I loved it so much that I gave to my husband for Valentine’s Day.  He said it was the best card I ever made.


This one had me puzzled.  I started thinking about going with a set of shoes or footprints but that just wasn’t working out.  The other day, I was looking at clip art of shoes when an old illustration from the Wizard of Oz popped up.  I remembered I had in my clip art stash a bunch of illustrations.  This is the one I choose, it’s the opening page of The Wizard of Oz.  It introduces Dorothy and her life on the farm.  I just loved the look of her looking out at the world.  The phrase I was going to use was something like “It’s best to start at the beginning.”  This had that same feel.  I added the ribbon so carefully because I used recycled paper from another project.  It had a very thin spot from tape being removed at the top so I attached the ribbon and then glued it into place.


One thing I want to share from that is I used the “scraps” around my foam dots.  It worked wonderfully and now I have more foam tape than I started with.

March’s tag is a multi-layered card that had me excited from the beginning.  I loved all the different techniques and the ideas it inspired.  I opted to go with an Asian theme for mine.


This first layer was heat embossed with Chinese writing.  It’s actually sideways because my stamp wasn’t wide enough but since this will peek through the other layer, I didn’t think it would be a problem.

After the embossing, I rubbed the whole thing with a red oil pastel.  Then I took a baby wipe to smooth it out and remove the red from the white embossing.  That didn’t quite work since the oil pastel stuck more firm than I had expected.


So I went over it with some soft pastel in yellow to give it a red/gold look.  It’s actually more pink/yellow than I had planned but I love it.

The cardboard layer was harder than I expected.  I started with cutting out two large fans (like Tim’s butterflies) and it was terrible.  So I went back to the drawing board and remembered that I had an Asian inspired stencil.


I went with cherry blossoms which fit better with that pink background I ended up with.  This is just a piece of recycled cardboard.  The original plan had me drawing and cutting on the same side I was to remove the outer layer.  As I was cutting, I realized that I got a better cut on the top and if I removed the opposite layer it came out better.  My lines weren’t a problem because this was the side glued to the bottom layer.

I did this slowly, starting with the branches.  I did draw on the top flower (wished I had drawn them all) so I would get an idea of placement for the flowers.


I used an exacto knife to cut out my shapes.  I went slow and trimmed with scissors where I could to keep my shape as “perfect” as possible.


It dawned on me that I should take a picture of the final result after cutting but I had already put on the glue when that thought came to me.  As you can see I applied the glue to the side I had been cutting on.


Once I had the back firmly in place, I removed the (now) top layer of the cardboard.  The goal was to keep it distressed and random.

I thought it needed a little something so I rubbed some red soft pastel over the cardboard.  Then I added a few Chinese characters in gold sharpie.  None of it was perfect because they were just accents.


To finish, I glued on a red ribbon and a metal Chinese coin.  I may have to go back and reattach the coin with hot glue since I only have tacky glue in my office.  (Yes, I craft at work when I have some down time.)

I almost think this is my favorite one so far.