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This is another half baked post only because I came up with this great idea and then had no idea what to do with it.

I have access to a pile of old transparencies that are blank.  No one uses transparencies any more so I have been playing with them.  They are fun.  One day, I was thinking I wanted to buy more stencils when I realized I could use those pages to make my own.

Now if you don’t have access to blank transparencies, no worries.  Any sheet of hard plastic will work – including old packaging.  It just has to be firm like a stencil.

Since last month’s Let’s Play prompt was using neglected supplies, I pulled out a supply that has been severely neglected.  Ages ago, I bought this neat product from Fiskars that had hard stencils and a cutter.  It never worked right.  I don’t know if it was me or the product but the cutting was next to impossible.  I rediscovered that as I tried to use it for the plastic sheets.


You can sort of see the outline of the plastic sheet if you look to the right upper corner.  Not sure why I am sharing this picture but somewhere in my head it was important.


The stencil I used to make my stencils.  Now you may ask yourself “why is she using a stencil to make a stencil?”  Part way through this project I found myself asking that exact question.  It was one of those moments when I realized I was making more work than I should have but I wanted to know if I could turn one of those sheets into a stencil so why not use the simple shapes on this stencil.


After I asked myself that question, I switched to using my circle punches which were not really designed for something as thick as this plastic but I got a fun stencil out of it.  I’m thinking it might be fun to borrow some die cuts from friends and make more stencils.  I wish I had a project in mind but I didn’t.  I love that I can recycle something that is just “trash” and make something I really want.  Now to figure out how to make more fun stencils.



You can see in this last picture my little cutter.  It was a great idea and came long before die cut machines but it never worked right.  The blade is at a weird angle and probably lost its edge the first time I used it.  It tears up everything and usually no where near where you want it to cut.  I do love the stencils though and think they’ll be coming out to play more often now that I have realized they can be stencils without the cutter (don’t you love how dumb the brain is).