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Lebnah is a strained yogurt cheese.  It’s super simple to make.  I use my jelly bags but you can use cheesecloth and maybe coffee filters (but don’t quote me on that one).  I bet paper towels would work but you may end up with yogurt stuck.

Anyway, the yogurt drips dry for many hours.  I think I dripped mine close to 24 hours and would have liked it a little drier.

This cheese can be used for anything that you would use a cream or soft cheese.  I should note that I used a store bought organic brand of yogurt.

However, my family loves lebnah that is sold by a local cheesemaker.  They add spices and keep the lebnah in olive oil.  This is my first attempt at recreating that cheese.


I knew I wanted to make 2 pint jars worth of lebnah, one for me and one for my mom.  I added salt to taste to the yogurt.  When I do this again, I think I will add the salt and then drip the yogurt more since it got a bit soft with the salt.

The spices I opted for were cracked pepper, dried minced onion and coriander seeds.  I used a tablespoon of each and put it in measuring cup with 2 cups of oil.


Now I realized too late that this was not the best choice I could make.  Next time the spices should go directly into the jar with the oil.


Here was my attempt to rectify that problem.  Honestly, the oil can wait until the cheese is in the jar but either way is fine.

To add the cheese, use an ice cream scoop or, in this case, a cookie scoop.  I divided the cheese evenly between the two jars and let them marinate.  We like this as a spread on crackers or bread.


I am sure that every time I make this is will be different as I figure out what flavors I like best with the cheese.  We know we love the garlic and the pepper.  It could have used a little more salt but that’s not really a problem.  It’s eats well.

I don’t know how long this lasts.  We keep it refrigerated and eat until it’s gone.

I love that it has versatility.  When summer comes I may try a version or two with fruit.  How great might that be?  Okay so maybe I’ll make a tart and put the fruit on that.  Who knows?