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Okay, I did it again.  I totally spaced on yesterday’s blog post.  I can’t believe I did it again.  So I have decided that I need to set a time to post that is consistent.  Hopefully, that will ensure less missed posts.  Grr.

Last month I shared the page I made using an acrylic block and markers.  I thought it would make a great background for ATC’s but it was so busy.  I will admit that I didn’t end up using this idea (yet) so I don’t have a completed ATC. I just couldn’t finish it in a way that made me excited.  However, the technique is great so I thought I’d share it.

Our theme last month was early gardening or seeds.  I thought it would be cute to make little seed packets out of vellum.


Because I didn’t have a specific design in mind, I started by cutting out a blank ATC (2.5″ x 3.5″) to help me size my envelopes.


Using that same scrap paper, I cut out two squares – one 2″, one 1″.  These are the centers to my envelopes (and helped me see the “finished” size against my ATC blank).


For my vellum, I cut squares that were 1″ larger than my insert.  So for the 2″ insert, my vellum square was 3″.


Because I have a corner rounder, I used it here.  You don’t have to round the corners but I thought it helped make a nice finished edge.
To make the envelope, place the insert in the center of the envelope square.  They will be off by 25% so that your chosen top flap will fold again the top flat edge of your insert (I can’t describe this at all, thankfully I have a picture).


Fold down the flaps and crease the edges.


Remove the center insert.  While unfolded, cut out the excess corners.


Apply a drop of glue, carefully, to attach 3 of the flaps.  I add the glue and then gently wiggle my finger inside the envelope to keep it from gluing shut.





I was shocked at how drastically different the enveloped fit on the ATC.  I may go back and try 1.5″ instead since neither of these fit as beautifully as I hoped.  I used terrible stickers for the closures, they came unstuck right after I took the picture.  I liked the contrast of the white vellum against the colorful background.  It’s not a dead idea, I just have to get all the ideas finished.

So what did I go with?

I found this cute paper cherry design and wanted to play with it.  Once I had a few cherries made, I realized that they could make a fairly decent ATC.  I went with simple, not too many parts and they are so cute.  To be honest, as I was making them I thought they were terrible.  Up close, I could see all the glue and “errors”.  Once I pulled the cards away to a normal distance, I loved them.


They are super, super easy.  I used my 1.5″ circle punch (the instructions used a 1″ so I was worried my cherries would be huge).  Cut 2 red circles and 1 green circle.  Then use the punch to cut two leaves out of the green circle.  I used a white paint pen to make the little white “swipes” and a black sharpie to make the swipes for the stem.  Use an exacto knife to cut just above the black line to insert the stems.  I used 4 inch pieces of hemp.  I did have to trim the stems after I attached them to the paper but not nearly as much as I would have thought.

It’s a new month with a new theme and I am stumped again.  I’m hoping that with some more play, I will find exactly what will inspire me to create ATC’s that make me happy.