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I was going to say this month flew by but as I think back to the beginning of the month it seems so long ago.  I hope all of the year goes like this.  I feel very accomplished and yet lazy at the same time.

You may have noticed that I have been making some technical changes to the blog.  I loved the kitschy concept I started with but cute categories has led to inconsistencies of where I file the posts.  I was really shocked to learn just how much of a mess it was.  So I’ve simplified (it all started because I wanted to put together a recipe index).  The categories may be boring but they are concise which makes me happier.  Hopefully, it will help you find groups of posts that appeal to you.

Back to my life through the month of February.  We have started our garden plans and purchased some things for future use.  While I may not need things like garden fabric for a few months, I wanted to get what I imagined was the expensive stuff while we had our tax refund.  Speaking of, we invested most of the money into our pantry (and future arrival of a pig).  Our house is a mess with all the bulk foods but we have plenty of time to sort that.

This has been a month of crafting and playing with recipes (as you know from last week’s post).  There are still many experiments to share from last month which is exciting because I feel a little uninspired today.  I can’t say how I will feel tomorrow.  I have the blahs especially since all that beautiful weather we had last week has gone and left us with grey skies again.

One thing I am excited to share with you – we went foraging last weekend.  We’ve been learning to identify Cottonwood trees.  Supposedly, the buds make a great salve but you have to harvest them at exactly the right time.  We weren’t sure when that was so we thought we’d start early.  We were so proud to identify a tree the weekend before but the branches were so high we knew we wouldn’t be able to get some buds.

On Saturday, we went a looking and found two perfect trees.  Thanks to a recent windstorm we didn’t have to do anything but pick the branches up from the ground.  One tree was in an empty lot and the other in someone’s yard.  The one that belonged to someone, all the branches had blown onto the street so we so kindly cleaned up the mess getting a huge batch of buds.  We had heard that you wanted to wait until the buds were resinous.  Our hands proved that the timing was perfect.  The buds were so sticky that we were unsure how we were going to finish.  In the end, we got them into the oil and made some beautiful salve.  I’m excited to see how it works (supposedly it’s great for skin ailments like eczema).


A Cottonwood tree by the river


The first tree we found that we could harvest (notice the great bark).


Our Cottonwood buds in the pot ready for the oil.

We had some great family moments.  We did manage to check off one thing from our Bucket list for the year.  There was a restaurant in town that we had heard had great food.  Last year, they went through a name change.  What we didn’t know is that they stopped being a restaurant.  Now all they serve is hard cider, which happens to be my husband’s favorite special beverage.  So he and I went hard cider tasting and brought home a little jug of their specialty.  We may go again.  It’s not a very sit down and hang out sort of place but it might be nice to spend a quiet evening there.

March is going to be a busy month and we hope to check off more things from our Bucket list.  I’m excited for spring.  The weather is promising an early spring and I am praying that it holds (no late frost that ruins the whole summer).

Any interesting plans for March?  I’d love to hear what other people have planned.