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I was driving home last night after my art group, suddenly it hit me – I forgot to write my blog post.  Ack.  By that time, I had no desire to write a post.  So sorry for the oversight.  It’s a good time because I didn’t have a great blog post for today.

Just a heads up, I’ve decided to save some of our recipe experiments to share all in one post since most we didn’t make any changes and they are already someone’s blog post (for the most part).  It just seems like a lot of work for just filling a space.  But that’s tomorrow’s post, we’ll see how it goes.

Today, I want to share a flower project.  This is something I pinned but when I went to look at the instructions this month, the site was blocked.  Not sure what happened there but it happens.  I had to figure out the flowers based on the picture I had pinned.  It’s not a difficult project and a nice way to use up some paper.

I keep seeing map projects – paper crafts made from maps.  I don’t know where they get their maps but mine are never as blue and pretty.  Since I have a book of old maps of a region I am not even sure where in America it is, I thought it would be fun.  The maps are so yellow.  It was hard to find pages with fun colors.  Not sure yellow would be the color I’d pick but it works.


Start with 4 strips of paper for each flower.  I did some at 1 1/2 inch and some at 1 inch.  I liked the 1 inch better but it all depends on how big you want your final project.  The length of these are standard page length – 11 inches.


Glue the ends of each strip together to make 4 rings.


I played with this part of the instructions.  This is my first one and I glued it all together to make this shape.  I then cut a hole in the center with an exact-o knife (glue still wet) and inserted a button.  If your button has a ring on the underside, this could work nicely since the glue from the pages helps hold it in (add more glue to fully secure the button).  However, I did try just holding the rings together and cutting the hole then gluing in the button and that worked as well.


I don’t love that some of the rounded ends get smashed in the attachment of the button.  It’s not the end of the world since you can sort of round them out.  Over all, I thought it was a cute flower.


For the buttons that had holes, I started this one with gluing down the rings and “drilling” holes with my needle.  I didn’t like that since the glue was thick so I tried drilling holes in the loose rings.  It worked great for the first one but the second one my rings kept shifting and it was a nightmare.  If I make these again, I think I would glue first and drill.  That keeps all the “petals” from shifting.


The flowers come out cute.

I, honestly, think these would make the cutest bows for gifts.  These are huge – about 3-4 inches.  Smaller ones might be work but I would make sure not to go too small.

I forgot to mention thread.  My first two, I used some leftover hemp thread from another project – that was so hard because the thread was so stiff.  For the remaining flowers I used embroidery thread and it was a breeze.  So be sure to pick a really loose flexible thread for these.