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I love having the excuse to play with techniques and supplies.  While my goal lately has been to clean out the boards on Pinterest, it has led to some fun and unstructured play time.

There has been more play than what I am sharing with you today.  I want to try to keep it themed since I have no final projects, yet.

I got out some Crayola markers – just the basic thin markers that go on sale during school supply sale time.  I had a small acrylic block (for small unmounted stamps), a water spritzer, and my small collection of embossing folders.  I love that I can use these for things that are not what they are meant for.  Helps justify not buying the expensive parts like embossing/die cut machines.


I started with the acrylic block.  I colored the marker on the block and then smeared it on the paper.  It’s hard to see in the picture but those first few attempts just left me with some fun streaks and texture on the paper.  For the places that look painted, I spritzed the block with water before smearing it across the paper.  In some places, I sprayed the block with water (no marker ink) and smeared that.  It allowed me to pull some of the color further and make it more pastel.  It looks like a big watercolor mess but it was a lot of fun to make.  I am trying to come up with an idea of what to do with this background since it is so busy.


Next came the embossing folders.  This one I “painted” on the valley side of the folder.  I spritzed the folder and “stamped” on the paper.  The one on the right was the first print.  I think the second print was the best because it seemed to have a bit more water.


This is the mountain side.  I love the texture and think this will increase my background “stamps”.  It’s harder than you would think because you can barely see the marker ink on the folders but the colors came out well.


Just for fun, I used a stamp pad for this last bit of play.

I love the versatility and the fact that I can use something for more than what it was intended.  It extends the amount of play I do and reduces the number of supplies I need.