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I hate to tell you that I have been swamped this week and have nothing great to share.  However, I did watch the entire season of Wartime Gardens and Kitchens (at work).  The videos are really short and so interesting.  While trying to find recipes they demonstrate on the show, I found  The 1940’s Experiment blog.  My family is probably sick of hearing about them so I thought I’d share here.  I love so many things about both of these.  I love that there are inventive (and many egg-free) recipes.  I’m thinking there will be some 1940’s experiments going on in my house.

Hopefully, this weekend, I can get a bunch of projects going so I have things to share next week.

There are 8 episodes all posted by the same person here so hopefully you can easily find them all (I was tempted to post them all here but then thought that might make this really long).