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Normally, I don’t review products.  I don’t know why but it always feels like there is something more important to talk about.  However, this is a product that has changed my family’s life.

We eat an incredible amount of popcorn.  When I had heard that microwave popcorn was not good for you, I tried to wean my family off of it.  I bought a 25 pound bag of organic popcorn and an air popper.  My son hated the air popped popcorn.  It’s a different texture and not as crisp as microwave popcorn.  We tried a variety of methods but eventually, I started buying him boxes of microwave popcorn.

Then I discovered there was a bowl you could pop your own popcorn in the microwave.  How awesome is that?  I know, I could use a paper bag like my grandmother did but I didn’t like the idea of buying paper bags for that purpose.  And anyway, the bowl was less than $10.

There is a catch, one that we didn’t know about until after we bought the bowl.  You have to purchase disposable paper liners for the bowl.  I don’t know if you can skip that part.  The instructions say it won’t work without the liner and I haven’t been brave enough to try without it.  It is reuseable.  We are still using our first liner and have owned the bowl for about a month.  When it starts to crack is when they are to be replaced.

I did find a great price on amazon which I will share with you at the end of the blog.

So, what did we think?  We love it.  The popcorn is hot and crispy as popcorn should be.  Our first few times, we used too much popcorn and no oil.  The end result was an overfilled bowl with the most perfect popcorn.

I did try it once with butter (once I had my order of replacement cups in).  I misprogrammed the microwave so I had more kernels than we’d had before but we still ended up with amazing popcorn.

There is a bit of a learning curve because you have to figure out the timing of the popcorn but that’s not a huge problem.  I love that we have popcorn everyone loves and we can cater to exactly the taste we want at that moment.  It’s a healthy, inexpensive, organic snack I can provide for my family.

If you are a popcorn eating family, I recommend getting one.  We pop the popcorn and then pour it into our “regular” popcorn bowl.  That keeps the liners fresher (I think) and keeps the popper available for the next person.  I’m just so excited to have it.

We did buy the bowl at Walmart and the liners through Amazon.  I did want to note that Amazon prices change constantly so if the price is a little high when you go to order, try at a different time and it might be lower.

In theory, I get a little kickback from Amazon but since I have never actually received anything from them, I believe it’s completely a rumor.  But I like that I can share a link directly to the product.