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We eat a lot of onions.  As we were cleaning out various parts of our pantry, we discovered an amazing surplus of onions (10 quarts alone in our freezer).  Since I had so many, I thought it might be fun to can some in beef broth.  We love French Onion Soup but our version is basically sauteed onions and beef broth.  So why not try canning some.  We can make it into soup (will need more broth) or use them on sandwiches or something.  I really have no plan.

I sliced a bunch of onions (maybe 10).  To slice, I cut the ends off and then cut the onion in half.  I like having the flat surface.   Then I slice from one side about a third of the way and then slice the rest from the opposite side.  Helps keep the top layer of the onion from sliding off as I try to cut the last slice or two.  I did find that the occasional single layer bit cut nicely with the kitchen shears.

When I was done, I had this:


I stuffed them into 3 quart jars:


Topped with beef broth.  I did run out of the packaged broth and made some extra with water and Better Than Bouillon (so you may notice some dark dots where I didn’t get it completely mixed in).


Wipe the tops, add fresh lids and rings, then pressure can for 40 minutes.  Because of my altitude I used 15 pounds of pressure.

Since I only had the three jars, I threw 3 jars of carrots in the pot as well.


I still haven’t figured out how not to lose liquid when pressure canning.  I’m sure that will come with experience since I’ve only used the pressure canner a few times.  My new pressure canner comes this week so I won’t have to keep borrowing one from family members.  Then maybe I’ll figure out what I am doing wrong.

I am so excited to have my own canner because I will can more, as well.  I have a list of things I want to can and really can’t wait to share with you.

  • UPDATE – I said I canned for 40 minutes.  I am not sure where I got that time but the National canning people say soup should go for 75 minutes.  I’m thinking that the 75 minutes is probably a safer bet.  We did not get sick but that doesn’t mean it’s right or safe.