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I am not on top of things this week.  I have finished exhausted and uninspired.  Because I have made the decision to write more posts and I already missed one this week, you get a very small post.  It’s perfect, really, because how else was I going to share two of my favorite resources for inspiration.

The first is the Daily Squeak from House Mouse.  Sign-up for Eeek-News and every day you will be graced with an adorable House Mouse image.  I admit that I save these images for projects.  I hardly use them for actual projects but enjoy them every day.  I do want to point out that this is someone else’s art and using them for fun, for yourself, is reasonable.  Please do not ruin the fun by trying to steal their work and sell it (even on cards or whatnot).

The other is the weekly free samples from Dover Publications.  I have been getting their email for close to 10 years and use the images often.  Many are trademark free (you can click on the book information to find out).  Most are just fun.  I love the coloring pages and print them when I am in the mood to color or experiment.  Sign-up for the Dover Sampler for a wide range of samples.  I noticed that they have some specialized samplers if you want something a bit more specific.  I should note that the sample links are only good for a short time and they encourage saving the samples.  Again, be sure you are not using licensed work for profit.

There you have it.  My two favorite resources.  I have been getting them so long that I think I will have withdrawals if they ever disappear.