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Great plans often go awry.  I knew I was going to be gone Monday and planned on scheduling a song ahead of time.  I forgot.  I could have slipped it in today but thought better of it.

It’s been a crazy week or so and I hope it’s settling a little.  I got a new phone over the weekend – a very fancy phone with a camera and everything.  It’s one of those phones designed to make you look stupid and it’s working.  I have figured out the camera and I am very proud of myself but taking the pictures is definitely a work in progress.  So pardon the weirdness of the pictures.  You can tell I was getting the hang at the end of it.

I thought I’d take a moment and return to the tag I shared on Friday as part of Tim Holz’s monthly tag challenge.  I knew as soon as I shared it the ideas would come in.  I like the end result.

So here was how it looked when I finished round one:


I wanted to share how I got to that point.

I bought an embossing folder last year to experiment with.  Recently, I read about using the folders to emboss aluminum foil.  This is awesome.  I don’t own a device.  I’ve been using a rolling pin and whatever I can think of.  When it comes to foil, a rolling pin works beautifully.  It embosses so easily.

An embossing folder has a mountain and a valley side.  Since I experimented with embossing before I came up with this idea, I had to match up my foil to the texture on the folder.  (If you emboss as you work on this idea, then just carefully open the folder with the foil still in it so that the valley side is down and the foil is on top.)  The reason is so you can press the tag onto the foil without smashing your texture.

I glued the foil to the tag.  Since Tim Holz had only applied the foil to the top and bottom of the tag, I did the same.  I don’t recommend that – go ahead and cover the whole thing and save some trouble.

I rubbed a black stamp pad over the foil to dingy it up some (and to darken the space where the bright white of the cardstock was showing through).

For the centerpiece, I stamped the globe onto black art paper using embossing ink.  I wanted to try Tim’s technique of embossing with black or clear and using a chalk across the top.  Come to find out, I have 2 types of white not a white and a clear (I also found 2 golds and a silver that I didn’t buy).  So I went with white and heat embossed using my brand new heat gun.  I am in love.

Then I glued the black paper to the tag.

I just didn’t love it.  But then again, it was very unfinished.  I don’t know why mine felt unfinished and Tim’s wasn’t when they were very similar.

So back to the tag idea.

I added some white soft pastel to give the look of a chalk drawing.  I started with smudging the pastel onto the paper and then accenting with lines.


I wanted an embellishment – a metal something, maybe with a saying.  Do you know how hard it is to find exactly what you want when you want it?

After spending more time looking at embellishments at the store than I wanted to, I decided I could make my own.

I started with a popsicle stick (technically 2).  I used an extra stick to help me shape the one I was using.  I don’t have anything but the finished picture.  I started by determining how long I wanted it.  I laid the second popsicle stick end in the area where I wanted to cut so I could get the basic shape of the rounded end.

I will warn you that cutting like this was not easy.  I’ve cut popsicle sticks before but never in the round.  The wood split and it was ugly.  But a little sanding and a bit of glue, I had a nice short popsicle stick perfect for what I needed.


Once the glue had dried, I “painted” the stick with a silver sharpie.  I have to share this with you – I found a pack of metallic sharpies for $3 at Walmart.  It comes with silver, copper and gold.  It’s awesome.  I can’t wait to come up with more ideas using them.


Using a black sharpie, I added some rivets.


The only thing I purchased for this was an ultra fine tip white paint pen.  I’m not sure it was the best purchase ever since it seems to leak but it worked for what I wanted.  I was able to paint the work ‘Explore’ onto my embellishment.


Added to the tag, I have a finished project that I love.  I’m not sure what I will do with it but it was so much fun.  Tim Holz has February’s tag up already and my wheels are already turning.