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January has been such a strange month.  It’s moved slowly but I’m almost shocked it’s over.  The weather started very cold and filled with ice and snow.  It ended wet and warmer.  All the snow is nearly gone.

I feel like I’ve been productive.  Got lots of art experiments out of the way.  Now I need to come up with ways to put those experiments to work.

We’ve been also doing some cooking/recipe experiments.  The last few have not come out great.  They need work before I can share so it seems like we’ve stopped on that front.

I have joined two art monthly “challenges”.

The first I mentioned before – Carolyn Dube’s Permission to Play.  This month’s challenge was to make art from something you would throw away.

I spent some time over the three day weekend (Martin Luther King Jr) resorting my craft room.  I didn’t plan it, I couldn’t find something.  Two days later and I had boxes of inspiration around the house.  I’m trying to finish projects and stay inspired while not letting my home drown in supplies.

I realized I had just about everything for a project I designed a year and a half ago.  Everything was, sort of, recycled.  I started with a cardboard box.  I used kraft paper (which I found in my room so I didn’t have to run to the store to buy some), a scrap of wrapping paper that I discovered what not large enough to wrap a gift, and a pair of old ballet slippers.


It’s not quite finished because I wanted to make some cobwebs but I was so proud that I got that far.  I’m thinking of titling it – Childhood Dreams.  Maybe I’ll look for a gallery show to display it.  You never know.

But in the end, I did it.  I took the time to get this far.  It may not be complete but it’s not still in pieces in my brain.

The other “challenge” is Tim Holtz Monthly Tags.  I’m not as happy with this piece as I am the other.  It’s a new concept for me and I loved the work but I can’t figure out what to do with it from here.  It’s very incomplete and I’m stumped.


I think I don’t like the black stamped area.  I’m not sure I can remove it but I had the foresight to cut 3 tags to experiment with so I may be playing with it more.

I promise to share techniques once I have it all figured out.

What do I see coming in the near future?

We got our tax return today (yah!!).  It’s our last big return so we’re being a bit more cautious with it.  However, we will use it to stock up the house and purchase a few necessary items.  One being a pressure canner.  I am so excited to see what we are going to do with it.  We already have so many plans which means some great experiments to share with you.  With our big purchase time, we try to stock up on some food storage.  This year we will be focusing on meat as well as a few vegetable types we know we can preserve now.  We’ll be using up a lot of spare time in February in the kitchen.

I am always excited about what each year is going to look like.  This year is no different.  We have approached it differently and I really think we are going to have a great deal of success.