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I love working in cardboard.  For so many reasons.  It’s free since I can dig it out of the recycling.  I can almost always find more right when I need it.  It’s sturdy.  It takes paint like a pro.  It’s a bit of a pain to cut but it’s so versatile that I overlook that part.  So when I saw these stamps, I knew I had to try them.

I started by cutting out some shapes on the cardboard (after removing any tape).  I did draw a heart on paper first so I could get it “perfect” before I put it on the cardboard. 004.JPG

Then removed the printed side.  (I missed taking that picture.) For the handles, I cut out strips of cardboard (see the stripped pieces in the back).





Glue and tape (I liked using the tape so I didn’t have to wait).


Glue to the back of the stamps.


I did some experimenting.  First, I made two heart stamps and one of them I left a lot of the backing on with hope it would give a distressed look.  It does a little but not as much as I thought.  Then I used my homemade stamp pads.


The result was interesting (the messy heart is the one I left extra paper on) but not great.

So I tried again with paint.


The end result was more dynamic but also more work between clean-up and everything.  Either way, I had lots of fun and would definitely do this more.  I did feel that all the shapes I cut out were unnecessary.  The effect doesn’t really change a lot from stamp to stamp – it’s a series of lines.  But I didn’t have a project in mind so that makes a difference.  Maybe once I come up with something to make using these stamps I will feel different.