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Over the Christmas break, I came upon this book and I had to share.  These are the Ten Commandments of Health by Mae Savell Croy from the book Putnam’s Household Handbook published in 1916.

While some do make me laugh, many of her commandments still hold true today.

1 Ascertain and maintain your proper weight.

2. Eat plain, digestible food.

3. Breathe deeply through the nose.  Stand, walk and sit erect.

4. Sleep outdoors if possible, if not, at least in a room with an open window.

5. Learn to rest until you are really rested.

6. Avoid patent medicines and all alcohol drinks.

7. Wear porous clothing and keep away from people with colds or other illnesses unless it is absolutely necessary to be near them.

8. Exercise in the open air whenever possible – but exercise somewhere any way.

9. Eat an apple a day.

10. Forget to worry about anything that might concern you.