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How to share a moment that is sacred without belittling the moment has been something I have been struggling with for months.  You see, it all started when I felt this deep need to pray for someone and I didn’t know how.  I’m not very good with prayers.  I often just have informal conversations with God that are distracted and fleeting.  I feel God understands after all he made me this way.

For those who are not Christian or religious, I find that I am unsure of who God is.  I’m torn between the Earth Mother and a Heavenly Father.  I don’t know but I know it is a God of love.  Maybe there is more than one, I don’t know.  I, personally, like to cover my bases.

Anyway, I was struggling and inspiration struck.  It is this I want to share with you.  May it help you find inspiration to find a way to connect with that higher power that watches over you.

I call it an artful prayer.  I created this one as a prayer of sorts – that I might be able to share this with you without it feeling false.  I, honestly, can’t bring myself to share my real prayers because those are between me and God.

I use my journal which is beginning to fill up and a set of Cray-pas I purchased ages ago.  When I pulled out the pastels, a few months ago, I was intimidated.  It’s hard to admit that I had this wonderful set that was barely used.  It seemed too precious or I not worthy enough.  I don’t know.  I just know that this was the perfect “tool” to connect with that inner part of me that desires perfection and divinity.  We all have that one art supply we won’t use but crave the ability.  This is the time to use them.

Because these are oil pastels, I like to use make-up q-tips with them (you’ll see later).  Remember that this is what I use, you will use what calls to you.


I start with a person.  These are my prayers for them.  If it is for their emotional health, I start with a heart.


From there, I like to give them roots to connect them to the Earth or to ground them.


Then I connect them to the heavens.


How this drawing comes to life is never about my thoughts for a completed art project, it’s all about what I feel the person’s need is.  As I draw, I think about what I want for that person, what their challenges are, and what they need.  It is those thoughts that guide the image.


I add lots of color.  Then I use the make-up applicators to smooth out the colors, giving a moment of reflection.


My prayer and my picture is complete when all the white is gone and I can’t think any more thoughts.


What the finished result looks like depends on the moment and the prayer.  There isn’t a right way for it to look.  This is a way to focus your energy and your prayer.  The rest is just window dressing.

I hope this inspires you to not only create art but to find a way to connect with God that works for you.  This way not be that way but it may lead you to what you are looking for.