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With David Bowie’s death yesterday, I wanted to share a David Bowie song today.  Not just any song but one that called out to me since I first discovered him.  I went through the list both on youtube and in my head – what song made me a fan?

While this is not exactly a David Bowie song, this was the one that I craved when it came out.  I can’t remember if I was a David Bowie fan at this time – how much of a fan can you really be at age 11?  Did I really understand how powerful his music was?

I loved all the early 80’s songs – China Girl, Let’s Dance, and such.  I couldn’t wait to hear his rendition of Drummer Boy every Christmas.  However, I didn’t really get David Bowie until years later.  It was like these songs were the gateway drug to a lifelong addiction to all things David Bowie.

Just this weekend we were listening to the Labyrinth soundtrack.  It’s 30 years old.  That movie made David Bowie a god in my teenage eyes.  He was everything I wanted.  The mirror I planned on holding all men to, as teenage minds are wont to do.  Over the years, his music has etched its way into my soul.  My childhood memories are filled with a David Bowie soundtrack.  I can’t think of Stephen King without thinking about the song Golden Years and vice versa.

It’s sad to lose another music icon.  There are some big musical shoes to fill and I wonder if they ever will be.