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We have a huge collection of cds for crafting.  They seem to have babies so I’m always looking for a great project to use them up.  When I saw this post I knew I had found a winner.

I’m not going to recreate the project here but I am going to share what I did different.  Originally, I wanted to do these ornaments with my 4 year old niece.  While I think they are still a project we could do together, I was so grateful that I ended up doing them on my own.


We’ve made cd ornaments before.  We actually have several that keep losing their decorations so I started with a couple of those stripped clean (hot gluing little items to cds looks cute and the pieces come right off – good if you want a temporary project, bad if you want to keep it for years).  To make these ornaments, I opted to go with what I knew worked.  I sandwiched ribbon between two cds, shiny sides out.  It was really cold in our house so the glue was hardening much faster than I had planned for.  I ended up with some that had gaps.  To try to fix that, I put glue around the edges.  That was the cd to the left.  The one on the right, I left alone – notice the difference?


The original project uses felt that glitter is glued onto.  I found the cutest glitter paper at the dollar store so I opted for that.  I wish I had taken a picture before I started with the paper because it’s something I would recommend.  It’s thin paper but I knew that when I was buying it (I opened the package before buying so I could make an informed decision about how many to buy).  It reminds me of thick wrapping paper.  It doesn’t tear like wrapping paper but it has that slick white backing.  My only complaint is that while the paper comes in sheets, it curls the second you take it out of the packaging (and some had definite creases).  But for a dollar for 3 sheets, I’d do it again in a heart beat.

I cut out ear muffs and scarves from the glitter paper saving the silver sheet to make a background.  I saved the silver paper to make the “snow” part.  One sheet only did three snowmen.  The missing part was small enough that the scarf covered it up.

I will say that the most frustrating part of this project is that I cut out all the parts first and then assembled everything else together.  Come to find out that the pattern for the pieces is too large.  Somewhere in the formatting the pieces grew.  Nothing fit.  I had to re-cut everything.  It was a terrible waste of my glitter paper (thank goodness I was only out $2).

For the noses, I used orange cardstock.  The sample below, I just trimmed the nose but as I continued making the snowmen, I found I preferred a more rounded end.


Assembling – I attached all the parts with hot glue since I did not have anyone else making these with me.  Regular craft glue would work fine on the glitter paper but not on actual glitter.

I started with the scarf to line everything up.  As I worked on these, I found it was easiest to do the chenille stem second (the top of the ear muffs).  That way I could line up the muffs without worrying about the ends of the chenille stems.  Nose came last and I only glued about 2/3’s of the paper so that the end was lose over the ear muff.

To finish off, I used black buttons.  I have a ton of buttons so it worked beautifully.  One could also use google eyes, beads, almost anything.  The original project used puffy paint but I never buy that stuff.


So here is the final result of my first attempt.  It was so cute and only got cuter.


Remember I said that the glitter paper only made 3?  Well I had prepped over 10 ornaments and I wanted to get them all out of the way.  I’m a little lazy with prepping so I didn’t sand.  I went with 2 coats of gesso which didn’t take all that long since I had so many to do.  By the time I had the last one done, the first one was dry.  Then I did a coat of cheap white craft paint.  I did start with art paint but it was so thick and didn’t cover the way I wanted.  So that first one with the thicker paint got a good coat of glitter (which I hadn’t planned on using).  I loved the result so they all got glitter.  The cheaper paint worked best and the glitter covered any brush stroke flaws.

I meant to take more pictures of all the ornaments but then I thought – you see one, you see them all.  They are cute.  They were completed after Christmas so I hung them overnight to make sure they were good and dry before packing away for next year.  These with the snowflakes and I think we have a Christmas 2016 theme.  We did a year of the snowflakes when my son was 4 so it’s time to reprise it.

Now don’t think you have to tuck this away for later.  Make them now while the snow is still falling.  Perfect project for a snow day.  Pick up the paper and start cutting out parts when you have a few minutes here and there.  That’s the hardest part (oh – make sure you have a cd nearby to double check that the pieces fit).  Then when the time comes, it’s all fun and games.