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I know this is not an original idea.  Almost anyone with kids in any program that does crafts has been given one of these easy crafts.  They are the perfect Christmas craft for kids because it’s not religious based, it’s cheap, and it’s easy.

Now what I really want to share when it comes to this craft is that you can make a permanent version (the original uses an edible candy cane which can deteriorate over time) with items from Dollar Tree.  If you start with absolutely nothing from home, you can make 6 of these for a total of $6.  If you are a crafter, you might get away with spending a lot less.

Supplies needed are: glue, googly eyes, chenille stems (pipe cleaners), string or ribbon, small red pom poms,  and plastic candy canes.


The candy canes from the Dollar Tree are not ornaments so you have to add string.  I started with that and really appreciated getting the knots done first.  It’s a little frustrating.  I used crochet yarn but I had, originally, planned to use red ribbon.  Wouldn’t you know that I couldn’t find one in my stash that I liked for this.  The benefit to doing the string first is that you can attach the chenille stems over the string or add a little glue to keep them both on the cane.

I found it worked best if I tied the string to the candy cane first and then tied the ends together to make a loop.  To secure it, I added a drop of glue so the string would not slide.


The project came together so fast that I didn’t really take enough pictures.  Sorry about that.  But it’s simple enough that you don’t really need pictures at all.

Once you have the strings on the cane, move on to creating the antlers.  To do this, you need a handful of chenille stems.  I picked gold because that was what I had in my stash.  I liked the added sparkle but you can go with brown, if so desired.  Cut the chenille stem in half (you will need a total of 5 chenille stems).  This is the main antler.  Wrap around the candy cane and then twist on its self to hold it in place.  You can add a little glue to secure it to the string.

To make the points, cut a half of the chenille stem into fourths.  Use two pieces for each reindeer.  Just twist them around the main stem to create the points.

To finish your reindeer, glue on a set of eyes and a red nose.


I used basic school glue which worked fine.  Because it is more wet than a craft glue, I did have to watch carefully that my eyes and nose didn’t slide off.  When making all six at once, it was a bit of a pain but if you are doing this with a group, they can each watch their own reindeers.

Look at that – a full complete project for $6.  Yes, it only makes six but, honestly, you only need to buy more candy canes to double or triple the craft without needing even more supplies.  Of course, there’s always raiding your own stash to decrease the cost.

These are so cute.  Right now they are hanging from some cupboard door knobs in my living room (I hung them to make sure they dried completely).  I may just leave them there, they are so cute.

So plans change.  I was going to do a month of candy and I may still play with candy ideas but it’s cold right now.  All I want to do is curl up with a blanket.  Which means crafting over cooking.  I may end up just sharing craft projects.  I’ve got a cute wreath and a neat idea for salvaging broken ornaments.  Those will come next week along with explaining a winter tradition we have that I can’t wait to share with you.  My head is so full of ideas that I want to share that I can’t wait to spend the holidays with you.