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Yesterday, I shared my 1000th post here.  I thought I should do something to celebrate but I always feel that way.  I’m unsure how one shares such things on a blog.  How do I express my gratitude that you spend your time reading things I have written?  How to I share the feeling of accomplishing 1000 blog posts knowing that I cheated on some by sharing videos?  Then again, how do I explain the wonder, the stress, and all the joy that comes from each and every one of those posts?  This is something I am mulling over as I write this.

There is only 1 month left to 2015 and that ending to the year makes me nostalgic.  It, also, inspires me to be more in 2016.  I’ve realized that what worked this time last year doesn’t inspire me this year.  When I think about goals, I’m left feeling tired and, well, uninspired.  I know I have over used the word inspiration in this paragraph but I can’t explain it any other way.  The thesaurus offers nothing that is right so sorry.

I explained the results of my 2015 goals last month.  I know the year is not over but the goals just no longer have the same oomph.  I’m ready to put them to bed and start over.  I don’t feel like I failed.  I remember at the beginning of the year reading a blog post on failing better with yearly goals.  I agreed with the concept of trying harder each year but I don’t want to look at them as failures.  I gave myself a road map which looked great last December but over time, I found better paths or different directions all together.  I realized that some of my goals were completely out of my control.

What I have learned in November is to let go.  I have realized it’s okay to sit back and relax.  I can chisel away at life and still feel fulfilled.  I could play and the world won’t come to an end.  I don’t have to have goals.  I know that sounds shocking because what is life if we don’t have goals?

Here’s what I’ve come to realize – my life is okay.  I love my job and have no desire to change it.  In fact, I have made myself a promise that I won’t change my job until I have paid off my student loans (which is minimum of 5 years from now).  I wish we had more money but I know that in another year we’ll be fairly out of debt and the money issue will be less.

Since I can’t control the economy or the weather, I have decided to skip making goals for next year.  The goals I thought I would have next year were too ambiguous so I have opted for a bucket list.  For 2016, I will have a list of things I want to accomplish that aren’t necessarily goals and I am not a failure if something gets in the way.  I think it’s freeing.

With that said, I am still going to work on loving my neighbor, not because it’s a goal but because it’s the right thing to do.  When I feel love for my fellow man, I am happier and I can share that happiness.  Perhaps my theme for the year won’t be love (since that was so 2015) maybe something along the lines of beauty or peace.  It’s a barely formed idea.  But as I was typing, I got to thinking about a quote that was going around last week (or maybe the week before) about terrorists attacking Paris.  It was all about how attacking Paris was stupid because they are so full of life since they have good food, literature and art to fill their days.  I shared it saying that the only way to destroy hate and evil was to live a very full life and share it.

So come back and see what I come up with.

Since we are talking 2016, now’s a good time to share some changes I will be making here in 2016.  I love the routine of the blog – makes it easy to plan but sometimes I don’t get to share something I really want to because there’s no space for it.  I’m going change things up a little and merge Muppet Mondays and the Song of the Week.  I love starting my week with some music so Mondays’ will be Music Monday (so there will still be videos and maybe a Muppet day or two).  I’m going to finish up Lanie and then take a break from sharing so much writing.

If all goes as I imagine, there will be at least one recipe and one crafty sort of post each week.  I, also, want to do some blog challenges.  Most likely, I won’t officially join a challenge but “steal” the ideas (with proper credit, of course).  That way, I can do them on my own schedule.  One I know I want to try is the A-Z theme – you pick a theme and then write 26 posts each starting with A-Z.  I’m thinking cookies or maybe just a generic dessert theme so I don’t get stuck.

Well this post has gotten lengthy.  Tomorrow is another installment of Lanie followed by a craft tutorial on Thursday.  I love what I am sharing on Thursday because you can buy all the supplies at Dollar Tree (absolute total $6 for 6 ornaments).  See you tomorrow!