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I almost titled this Christmas Pinterest Fails.  The truth is, I am not as satisfied with the end result of these two craft experiments.  I’m not sure they will grow on me or if they will be torn apart sometime in the near future for other experiments.

My first was inspired by the Bow Dress here.  I found a bag of bows in some Christmas items we had in storage.  I thought of that dress but didn’t opt to pull up the picture as I was creating my version.  I didn’t have enough bows to make this as full as I desired.  I’m not sure that would have made a difference.  I don’t know what it is about this project I don’t like.

Christmas Bow Dress

To make it – I cut a dress shape from white foam board.  Added tinsel garland (using bits of chenille stems to attach it) and bows secured with hot glue.  I used ribbon pieces left over from another project for the waist and a piece of scrap ribbon for the hanger.

Burlap Tree

This tree form was covered in that tinsel garland when we pulled it out of the box of stored Christmas items.  It was so ugly that I was going to pitch it.  Then I needed the garland.  When I had taken it all apart, I had a fairly decent tree form.  It’s not in the best condition but might be a good time to play with that burlap ribbon I had purchased last year.

I must confess that I bought the ribbon because it was on clearance and came on the most amazing wooden spool.  I don’t really like the look of burlap nor was I sure what I wanted to do with it.  Since I had it out for the dress form tree project I thought it was a good time to mimic some of those burlap tree projects I had seen.  Again, I went with the pictures in my head.

Burlap Tree

The first layer went on nicely.  I actually liked it at this point.  I used floral wire to attach the ribbon to the form.  The ribbon has wire at the top and bottom edges but I didn’t remove it.  I liked that it made the crimping at the top easier.  However, I don’t think I cut it long enough to get a good hang.  As I said, I liked it at this point.

I opted to layer plain and red burlap.  The next two layers were absolute nightmares.  My hand didn’t really fit in the form to reach the top where the wire was coming in.  The wire chewed my hands up leaving me griping about more than just the appeal of the project.

The top layer was the worst.  I couldn’t get the top covered in a manner that didn’t look awful.  I finally gave up and decided to use the left over tinsel garland to cover up the bad parts of the burlap wrap.  That was worse but since I had to use hot glue to attach it, I wasn’t in a position to just remove it and start over.  So I added some velvet bows.  I almost think I should have just covered it in bows.

Burlap Tree

At this point, I just gave in and put it up on a shelf.  My husband says he likes it.  Personally, the wounds on my hands still haven’t healed enough for me to forgive the project so I haven’t begun to like it.  I keep telling myself I can always tear it all apart and start over.  I’m thinking at some point I will get the right inspiration and will do exactly that.  In the meantime, I figured I could share.  If for no other reason than to serve as a cautionary tale.