October 2015

I want to apologize for missing yesterday’s installment of Lanie’s story – I was out of town and just felt like sometimes it’s okay to miss.

I was thinking about this past year and my goals this morning.  It’s hard not to be disappointed.  I understand that when I made my goals that there were things I could not predict.  I could not predict that we would have one of the hottest, driest summers on record.  It was a tough year and since many of my goals were around stocking my pantry, that just was a “failure” I had no control over.

I couldn’t predict that my son would move back in almost a year earlier than planned.

So all of that has left me feeling a little under the weather – okay the weather has me feeling that more so.  Our bright sunny late autumn weather has turned viciously grey and cold.  Here we are into November and I have the winter blues already.

Let’s get real.  This is as much for me as for sharing with you.  I had 4 goals for 2015 and 1 theme.

My theme was to learn to love my neighbor as myself.  This also meant learning to love myself so I could better love others.  I am not perfect but I do believe I have put real effort into this.  I read all of the New Testament and have been reading another book on religious doctrine.  I’ve learned a lot and I have strived to be more understanding and compassionate.  I am human, I have not perfected this at all but I do think I am better than I was.

My first goal was to overhaul my pantry with the idea that we would increase our food storage as part of this.  While I did not accomplish all I had hoped for, we did add to our pantry.  To start with – it’s organized.  I can find things most of the time.  We have space for new items and our food storage is not creeping into other parts of the house.  We added a number of items we hadn’t expected to add.  We have a better plan for adding more items and what we want in our food storage for immediate and emergency use.  We improved our emergency bags which is more than I expected.

My second goal was to overhaul our home.  We are deep in stuff and storage but to be honest, we have significantly less than we did when the year started.  We, almost, have found a new home for the remaining store inventory that we don’t want to utilize in our home.  We’ve sorted and organized the items we want to keep.  I haven’t gotten around to making the home the way I want it but I did a really good job decorating for Halloween which has been something we’ve just skipped for the past few years because the house was such a mess.

Goal three was to increase our income.  That hasn’t happened because most of that goal was out of my hands.  I did what I could but I have to trust in the rest of my household to find a way to meet that goal.

My final goal was to write about and document my year.  I, actually, have not done too bad of a job.  I have forgotten to write a few things down in the book I created for this purpose but it’s a nearly filled book.

For the month of October, I focused on art.  In this case, techniques that I was saving in my pinterest.  Instead of writing about it in my year book, I utilized my idea book.  Last year, I bought a mixed media book to sketch and play with ideas.  It had been pushed to the wayside.  It’s nearly full so that still counts as documenting.

Now that I have taken a moment to confess my “failures”, I realize that it’s been a good year.  There were more successes than I gave credit to.

None of this is sharing what I learned in October and I’m getting a little lengthy here.

What did I learn – I learned to play.  I loved it.  I’ve tried to switch gears in November so that I was more focused.  I’ve given myself more tasks which makes me not want to do anything.  Maybe I need to go back to playing.

I’m taking the Permission to Play class from Carolyn Dube.  This is a free class and it’s just a series of videos that encourage you to make an art journal.  I love her style.  I love her blog but mostly, I love that it’s all about creating.  I’m happiest when I am creating, whether it’s art or food or adventures.  I need more of that.

Through the next two months, my plan is to share fun candy/treat experiments so what I have learned in the art exploration will have to wait until the new year (unless I don’t get enough candy made).

I’m thinking that I will approach 2016 in a whole new way.  I’ve already been thinking about the changes I want to make to this blog.  That leads me to think about things I want to change in my daily life.  I want it to be more about creative play but also about the more serious side of my life/house.

We’ll see.  In the meantime, I’ll keep chipping away at the stone.