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The dayroom was empty.  I turned on a lamp to fight against the growing evening shadows. I had no desire to know where the others were, the silence was all I needed.  Having spent my time between reading and looking up properties on the internet, I was spent.  My eyes wanted a rest.  I sat on the couch.  The hard cushions were not exactly comfortable but I laid my head back and closed my eyes.

The appearance of another was something I felt.  They moved without sound.  The cushion creaked next to me.  I could hear his heartbeat, the telltale sign of his breathing.  I opened my eyes to find Greg sitting there.  I sighed.

“Come now, I thought we could be friends,” he slid a little closer.  He ran his fingers down my arm.  “We are the same, after all.”

I sat up, shifting out of his reach.  “We are not the same.  What do you want?”

“Don’t be like that.  I’ve come with an offer.”  He smiled.  I much prefered it when he was not trying to be nice.  I refused to change my expression.  He moved so that he was sitting in the middle of the couch.  “Did you know that my family came from Glass Island?”  I didn’t reply which made him smile more.  “My father was born here.  Edward is my uncle.”  The eyes had given him away.  He had the same eyes as Thomas.  I nodded so he’d continue.  He shifted, his knee pressed into my thigh, pinning me into the corner.  I had failed to escape.  “I could claim you.  Then you could have everything.”

“I’m already contracted,” I said, my voice devoid of emotion.

He smiled.  “I can work around that.  You see, there is a treasure here.  I’m going to find it.  I’ll restore my family and our home.  None of this turning the island into a freakshow.  I know you like it here.  I see you.  The wind caressing your body, the water, me, all here for you.  You are one of those pleasure ‘things’, aren’t you?  You smell so good, like warm honey on fresh bread.  I could make you happy.  I know what I am and I’m not out of control like Thomas.  I would never stray.  You’d be all I’d need.”

I stood up, pushing Greg away.  “Look, okay so I’m a little too much for these close quarters.  That doesn’t give you any excuse to make those kinds of assumptions.  You may be in better control than Edward or Thomas but that doesn’t make you better.  Why didn’t you try to help them?”

He rose, panic rising in his expression.  “Do not tell them.  They can’t know.  Just help me find the treasure.”

I raised my hands and let them drop.  “There is no treasure.  I heard the stories growing up but I have always known that was all they were.  Do you think your family would have let it come to this if there was any chance there was money hidden somewhere on the island?  Yes, the island has secrets.  Yes, most of those secrets stem from the fact that your family has forgotten them.  But I don’t believe there is anything of significant monetary value.  The only treasure here is the history for our people.”

I started to walk away.  “I won’t tell them,” I said, turning back to him, “but I won’t help you betray them either.  Do your job and everything between us will remain just fine.”