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September 2015

The growing season had so much promise this year.  We had an early wet spring but soon it turned hot and dry.  When September came round, it was pretty much over.  I didn’t get that massive harvest I had expected.  We did get a few things.

Our small tomatoes were prolific but we didn’t plant enough to be able to can them.  Our heirloom tomatoes didn’t produce at all.  I learned that some varieties can’t handle high temperatures with no cooling.  We had hot days followed by hot nights which is unusual for our area.  While we can get 100 degree days, we often drop to 50-60 at night.  This summer we were lucky if those nights dropped past the 70’s.  With highs well into the 100s, we were just as uncomfortable as the tomatoes.

We did get squash, cucumbers and beans.  I discovered that the beans I planted were not the kind of beans I wanted.  Apparently, I don’t know enough about beans.  I thought I was getting beans that could be labeled green beans – they were green and lovely looking beans.  They were so fibrous that we ended up shelling the last of them and getting cooking beans.  We had been dehydrating them so I have no idea what we are going to do with those.

So live and learn.  Since most of the usual fruits, apples and pears, didn’t seem to be in our future.  I turned my attention to creating art.  That is where I have been having a blast.  I promise I will be sharing tutorials and projects.

I have been digging through my pinterest to try all the techniques I have been saving for a rainy day.  I have an idea book so I decided to make samples of all of them and put them in the book.  I’ve also been making my own supplies.  I’ve been experimenting with “pan pastels” and alcohol inks.  Since I have never actually used either from the store, I love what I have been getting.  Few of these have been my own ideas but many of them have been altered from the original idea because I refuse to buy anything new – okay I did hit a Michael’s sale and bought some paper and embellishments.

I did clean my craft room this past weekend (I know that’s technically October).  I have a goal of really digging into projects that inspire and delight me.  There is always success to be found.

Last thing I want to share.  I have another article up on Self Reliant School.  Check out how to make Apple Cider Vinegar.