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August 2015

August was a strange month.  It moved so slowly and yet ended much sooner than I was ready for it to.

Not a lot of great harvests or food deals for preserving.  We did stock up on beef and got a good price for apricots but that was about it.  Our favorite apple trees didn’t produce this year.  The blackberries were cut off by the drought.  The last week or so of the month was ruined by heavy smoke from neighboring wild fires.

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy here.  As I have shared, I learned to make soy milk and tofu.  We’ve been putting together instant meals.  Those meals are in the testing phase but may become part of our emergency kits and pantry.  I’ve been learning about disaster preparedness.  I have taken multiple classes over the years but I always learn something new.  I’ve been sharing the food planning with you.

We’ve been slowly decluttering our home.  It’s slow because we want to try to sell some of the bigger items if we can and it’s hard to just get rid of some of these things.

I finished reading the New Testament.  I’m not sure it strengthened my faith completely.  I loved the gospels, the letters not so much.  And Revelation was just weird.  I feel guilty that it didn’t wash me in light but it just didn’t and there’s not much I can do about that.  I’m struggling in my faith.  I love my ward, my church is harder to love.  There is so much intolerance.  The more I read about Christ, the more I am saddened by Christians.  So that’s been on my mind a lot this year.  I’m almost sorry I’ve started to read the bible.  I’ve moved on to reading some of the books they use for teaching at my church.  Love it a little better but not sure my heart is completely in the reading.

August is always a hard month for me.  This year was no exception.  Not sure how I feel going into this fall but I’m already thinking about Christmas so that must be a good thing.  We don’t celebrate Christmas in a traditional way so what I am thinking about is what type of goodies we will pass to our friends and neighbors.  I love to let them know how much they mean to us during a time when the weather is cold and the days are dark.

I’ve looked back at my goals for the year and I’m not where I had envisioned I would be.  It’s frustrating but I am not really disappointed.  Four months left and I probably will not meet the goals I had set.  I learned a lot.  I had a hard year.  I survived and I might even have some thriving moments.  It just reminded me that sometimes we can try and not succeed but that doesn’t mean we failed.