It inevitably happens – I hit a period of time where I am so stressed that I can barely think.  Sometimes it’s not a stress I can explain.  Sometimes I am just overwhelmed.

I joined a self care facebook group.  It was great.  Every month there was a challenge to try a particular self care practice.  Then the leader decided we needed to be more open and got rid of the monthly challenge.  Normally not a problem but I was left rudderless.  I was hitting that stressful time and I had no idea what to do.  How do I care for myself when I can barely think?  It’s 100 degrees outside, my job barely gives me time to breath, and my home life is in chaos.  I don’t have a great self care plan in place.  My good for me things are dropping like flies and my one place of salvation just let me go.

Okay so they didn’t let me go but that leaving it all up to me just added more stress.  So I shared that I was stuck.  I just laid it all out – all my self care failures for them to see.  Then something strange happened.  I didn’t feel so stressed.  My brain started to work again.  My job is still insane right now but I have my moments of letting go.

I was reminded that I used to do yoga – hey, I can figure that one out.  I already knew the routine, I just had to do it and I did.  I organized my desk at work.  I cleaned out my art bag and my email.

None of these are big things nor are they going to change my life profoundly but they were controllable.  Small things I could do for myself that made me feel good.  I checked a few odd things off my to-do list.  I resorted my Netflix list.  Then I realized that maybe you didn’t know that these things are really a type of self care.

Self care doesn’t have to be a day at the spa.  According to Geneen Roth, it’s as simple as pulling up a chair when eating out of the refrigerator.  It’s finding a song that makes  you happy or watching a video of a kitten playing.  It’s sitting in the bathroom stall for several minutes even though you are finished peeing because it’s quiet and the phone can’t ring in there.

So pull up a chair, eat some cookies and remember this too shall pass.