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July 2015

I was sitting here thinking July was nearly a bust.  What did I accomplish for the month?  My journal was nearly empty so it was a bit disappointing.  The more I thought, the more I realized that July may not feel accomplished because I started many experiments that are still in the works.

We started the month off with Huckleberry picking.  We didn’t get tons but we got some for the first time.  That is amazing to me.  We picked cherries at our favorite orchard and even made a trip to Green Bluff for more berry picking.  The weather this year has left us with a lot of failed potential.  Our wet spring turned hot and dry unseasonably early so it’s been slim pickings.  Foods are coming out of season which means we are missing harvests we weren’t even aware were ready.  Others just didn’t have the water to be prolific.  But we survive.

I still managed to dry cherries, gooseberries and huckleberries, make current jam, blueberry syrup and a few other canned goods.

The best thing I have done is gotten back into real foraging.  My husband and I have picked what we hope is a year’s supply of chamomile for our evening tea.  Soon we’ll be picking yarrow to add to the tea stocks.

We’ve begun some food experiments starting with making our own instant meals.  We’ve put together several varieties but have actually only eaten one.  We experimented with pancake mix and I think we have one to replace our current pancake mix when we run out.  We’ve made soy milk (which I will share sometime soon) and hope to turn some into tofu.

We took an amazing vacation and survived.

Oh and while we were leaving, I was officially published.  Check out my article on mineral deficiencies in soil.  Lots of little things.  Oh and the first half of the month, I had my son home visiting.  It was truly busy.

I’ve got a lot of posts in the works so August will be filled with lots of things.  I have a fun craft project that I’ll be sharing next week.  Then there is all the food and health experiments we’ve started.

What July reminds me is that sometimes it feels like we have done nothing when the truth is we have built a foundation for something greater.  July has been a month of building and I can’t wait to see what happens next.