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Herbal Book

I have an absolute addiction to making my own books.  I’ve discovered it is so much more user friendly to have all the information I want in a book instead of trying to keep it online or save other books.

Herbal Book

This book started with this page.   The self reliant school is hosting an herbal remedy workshop.  The page above is the handout from that class.  As I was looking at it, I thought it would be fantastic to use it for all the herbs and remedy things we do.  The more I get back into homeopathic medicine, the more information I am juggling.  I keep losing notes and they were such a mess.  That worksheet had so much potential.

I went to the copy center and made 55 copies of it (at 51 copies you get a price break so it was actually cheaper to get 55 copies than 50).

Herbal Book

Those pages weren’t going to be enough on their own so I put together the rest myself before getting it bound.  Behind each worksheet is 2 pages of blank copy paper.  I, also, put extra pages at the front and back of the book so I had plenty of space for notes.  That went to be bound.  It cost me about seven dollars to make this book.

What I love is that I can design the information to my own life and what I need.  All the herbs and what not in the book is specific to what I use and what I need.  I could have put it together as a word document or written it in a notebook but somehow this just feels like something I want to use.  I can’t wait to add new information to it.  I don’t have to worry about losing the document in the computer.  And I feel like I have something I can pass on to my grandkids when I die.  It’s homeopathic medicine with a bit of our personal history.  My plan is to add where we find the plants or buy the essential oils.

I liked the idea so much that I have started a 3 ring binder to start storing the soap/salve recipes we use so I can create another bound book in the near future.  The reason I don’t jump right and start that one is some of our recipes are still experimental and I want to make sure I am saving the recipes that mean the most to us.