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Just Shut Up

I like to sit in church and think about how I would give a talk on the subject.  Sometimes it makes the talks more interesting but, most of the time, I don’t wander on purpose.  Sometimes they say something that makes me think of something else and away I go.

This past Sunday, the subject was reverence.  The final speaker was talking about attending Sacrament (the meeting) and how to make it a more spiritual experience.  He mentioned removing your children when they misbehave.

The night before we had watched Cujo.  I was really appalled at the screaming and crying from the son in the movie.  I get that he was only 5 or so but I can criticize the parenting of a fictional character – that’s my right;)

It was that scene that popped into my head as I tried to listen to the speaker.  There was more than just a moment of disdain for loud children (to be honest, I try hard not to criticize a parent of an unruly child since I had my own).  I had this thought – how often do we scream and cry so loud that it keeps us from getting the help we need?

In Cujo, the rabid dog was reacting to loud noises.  He attacked the car which caused the child to scream and cry in fear.  The child and his mother were safe inside the car at that moment, all they had to do was be quiet.  But the more the dog attacked, the louder he became which caused the dog to attack more (see where this is going).

It’s been a rough week and I wonder how many times I made noise when I should have been quiet.  It’s a tricky thing.  It’s counter-intuitive.   How many opportunities did I miss?  How many blessings passed me by as I bemoaned my situation?

Yesterday, Liz Lamoreux offered a challenge – to try to find time each day in the month of June to be still and take 5 Deep Breaths.  Seems like a perfect time for the messages to collide.  I am challenging myself to spend less time making noise when I need a blessing and taking the time to take 5 Deep Breaths.  In other words, I’m learning to just shut up.