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May 2015

May has been a crazy month (do I say that every month?).  I can’t believe it’s nearly over.  I’ve opted to write this now instead of next week since there are so many more topic to write about and things I want to share while they are fresh in my brain.

We almost have the garden in.  This weekend, I’ll be pushing to get the last of the seeds and plants in the ground.  It may seem late, it does to me, but we’ve finally gotten past the last average frost date.

We’ve been doing some mushrooming which has been greatly successful.  It’s also been getting us back into foraging.  I see the plants and I just can’t wait to start picking.  We’ve been researching herbs again.  While we’ve been taking some herbal capsules all along, we’ve lost touch with many of the things we used to do.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve attended some online symposiums which have given me lots of ideas and inspiration.  I will share once I have things a little more situated.  Some have to do with gardening but most have to do with diet and using natural remedies.

I started a garlic experiment.  We are growing it on our balcony.


I took this picture last weekend and they are already twice the size.  The garlic is growing like crazy.  You can almost watch it grow.  We had gotten garlic in our organic CSA pack last year.  It’s amazing garlic but we couldn’t go through all of it and this one bulb sprouted.  I thought, I’ll plant it.  I was informed that it was too late to grow it in my garden because it takes a lot longer than a summer.  I don’t know, I’ve never grown it so I cleaned out a window box that was not in use and added fresh organic soil.  If you want to try a similar experiment, you need to plant each clove about 3-4 inches apart.  Since I have enough to do two rows in this planter, I staggered the rows.  I noticed there was a clove that is not in a row.  I don’t know if it shifted or if I had an extra and just stuffed it in there.

I may have made some mistakes, such as removing the outer paper on the cloves.  Apparently it didn’t matter to these.  They are all super happy.  We’ll see how it goes.

The other big experiment, in our house, is worm composting.  I will share more soon.  I have a little adjustment I want to make to our system and then I’ll get all the pictures and whatnot.

So that’s been our month.  I’m sure there has been more but everything we have started in May is a work in progress.  I hate to share half information so I’ll be waiting for our experiments to come to an end before I share completely.

Here’s to a new month and lots more work to be done!