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One of the frustrating things about our current life is that our apartment is so small.  There are days when we just wish our apartment would “grow up”.  We get tired of the living spaces that don’t allow for visitors.  The complete lack of space for a dining table.  Living with stuff everywhere.

Having a small space is not the worst thing in the world.  It’s an opportunity to dust off those creative skills and put them to hard work.

Today, I wanted to share a few things we’ve done to improve our space and accommodate our needs.

Our living room was too small to fit our couch.  When our son went off to school, we got rid of the couch and opted for two recliners.  We kept the overstuffed chair that had matched our couch because we really needed more than two seats when our son came to visit.

For six months, that chair took up residence against our sliding glass door.  It was too cold to go outside and we didn’t have enough room for all three chairs and still have a table.  We had to do something as the weather improved and we would need access to our back door.

The room just didn’t fit the chairs.  We could put them in a row but that would leave my husband without a table to set anything.  So the easy solution – turn the extra chair into a table.  To do that, we got a piece of scrap wood (which we already had) and covered it with a tablecloth.  We can set items on the table when we don’t have company.  When we need the chair, we clean off the table, stash the wood behind the chair and just suffer with not having a place to set things.

We don’t get a lot of company and we almost always have plenty of warning.  So far, it hasn’t been a problem.

Living in Small Spaces

You may notice something sitting behind the chair.  That’s an ironing board.  We now own two ironing boards.  These are the best portable tables ever designed.  They are perfect for projects, they fold up and most of them are adjustable.  Mine easily suits what ever height I need.  My husband’s does not but it was given to us so we’re not complaining.

Living in Small Spaces

Mine is currently buried in project pieces.  But the reality is that it works.  I can paint, glue, sew on it without any problem.  We do have to put a different cover on it when we do the occasional ironing because there is so much paint and glue on the current cover.  It folds up so small.  It’s not overly attractive but if I need to hide them, they fit nicely behind a door or we turn it on its side so it’s completely hidden by the chairs.

One last thing that makes organizing our projects easier.  We turned a microwave cart into an art cart.

Living in Small Spaces

This cart organizes our supplies and the things we use the most.  We can pull a basket when we need to teach a class or when we want to look for something specific.  When we have company, it can easily be hidden in a bedroom because of the wheels.

Just those three little tricks have made our lives so much better in the past few months.

Please share your tips – what makes living in your small space more enjoyable?