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April 2015

Wow, the time has just flown by.  I keep thinking I have to get life to slow down just a little bit so I can keep up.  We’re getting in that time of year where we want to keep our eyes open for opportunities to get food that is affordable and healthy.

April was a bit of a limbo month with that – not much produce nor was there opportunities to garden.  We did take the time to work on our garden plan, which I hope to start executing soon.  And we tried our bug experiment.

April is a month of new, renewal, cleansing.  I’ve been working on cleaning out the cobwebs in my head as much as the ones in my home.  While a lot of what we accomplished in April, really culminated in May, we did a lot of culling.  We are finally free of the bulk of the old store inventory that just was there.  It was stuff we weren’t ready to let go of.  I found it very interesting that we didn’t have the same attachment.  No one wanted to examine each item and feel whether or not we wanted it.  We all wanted it gone.

When it came down to it, we did keep some stuff and there are some items that are still being stored.  But we got rid of more than we kept.  There will always be more to get rid of later.

We’re back to focusing on art and have opportunities to share that with others.  We taught a class (May 2nd) and will be participating in the Pullman Artwalk.  I’ll share more on both of those later.  Preparing for those have helped us remember what our goals are for our life.

We, also, rearranged our home in April.  It’s amazing what a little organization and decorating can do for your spirit.  We spent $3 on our foyer re-do.  That was to purchase foam board and a coat rack from the dollar store.  Everything else was out of our home.  We ended up not getting rid of anything as we re-did our living spaces and yet the space feels more open.  It makes us happy.  The foam board project is not finished but when it is – I’ll share.

I feel like I’m rambling because that was April – a blur of movement.  May won’t be any less busy but I’m working on slowing down just a little bit.  The picture above – that’s mine.  I’m going to work on actually taking pictures instead of borrowing them.

There are lots of experiments and projects coming.  On top of that, I’ve been writing essays and just pondering the meaning of life.  So there should be no shortage of posts in the near future.