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Crave Eat Heal Blog Tour

Having food allergies means looking for new ways of looking at food.  I love the idea of using food to heal the body so when I was invited to participate in the Crave Eat Heal Blog Tour, I accepted with excitement.

This is a plant based diet.  We are not vegetarians but our food allergies lead us to seek out vegan recipes.  This book is so beautiful.  The recipes are enticing and I have spring fever even more so after looking at these amazing pictures.

My plan was to try out several recipes and share my favorite with you.  I got one recipe made last night and I realized too late that I barely followed the directions.  I’m sharing the recipe directly from the book but I want you to know this is so easy.  You can do it half awake and almost brain dead.

I started by making my own coconut milk because I didn’t want to open a can for just 2 tablespoons.  To do so, I mixed about 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes with about an equal amount of water in my blender.  Blend a bit, strain off the coconut.  What I got worked for the recipe but I’m sure I’ll need to revisit it again in the future.

Then I added my dates with the coconut milk, blended, added the pecans, blended.  It was about that time that my blender started acting up.  So my pecans didn’t get blended all the way.  I threw in the rest of the ingredients hoping they would help get everything else smooth.  It didn’t work out that way.

I forgot to note that I had everything in my pantry except the spirulina so I did omit that.

I rolled up the balls and that’s when I realized the dough was to be refrigerated first.  So we refrigerated the balls for a little while and then dug in.  I’m sad to say these little balls have one big problem – they seem to evaporate.  We had a plate full of balls and then we had an empty plate.  Of the ones I ate, it did have a crunchier texture than I believe it was supposed to have but apparently that didn’t stop anyone (we don’t even have a dog to blame on the disappearance).

I am excited to try them again with the spirulina – what a great way to introduce a new food.

Check out Crave Eat Heal.  This book is so much fun.  We’ll be playing with the recipes for months to come.  It’s perfect for us because we working hard to get back into eating healthy.  Not only are the recipes simple, they are colorful, fun and interesting enough to keep you excited through the year.

As for reducing cravings, I don’t know.  I do know that the leftover Easter candy paled in comparison and we didn’t get into it at all last night (can’t wait until that’s out of our house).