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This was a project I did over Christmas break with the intention of sharing it.  I completely forgot until I found the pictures this week.  Picture Project Picture Project

This was my hallway.  Notice all the pictures.  That wasn’t even all the pictures we had to hang up but there was no more room.  On top of that, each frame was dirty.  Even with the hallway in the center of our apartment, the dust collected.  It was a project no one wanted to tackle.

Picture Project

Since this was completely an experiment, I don’t have great pictures but you can figure out what I am doing.  I started with the frame you see above.  The frame was missing the backing so no one wanted it.  I can’t imagine why anyone would turn away such a wonderful frame but that’s how things go.

Picture Project

After cleaning the frame and glass, I made a back out of a piece of foam posterboard (just $1 at Dollar Tree).  I cut it to fit the frame.

Picture Project

Then I attached my pictures right onto the posterboard.  I used picture tape which is fairly affordable (a few dollars in the office supply section of the local Walmart).  I made sure to only use the tape to attach the pictures to the board not to other pictures, just in case I want to remove pictures later.

Picture Project

As you can see, my pictures didn’t fit completely on the one piece.  So I took the large frame from my wall, removed the mat board and cut a piece of posterboard to fit the frame.

I forgot to take a picture of the wall as it looks now.  These two large frames are on one wall, leaving the other for more pictures or art if we so desire.  The space doesn’t feel so busy and I didn’t have to compromise when it came to which pictures I hung up.

I was able to theme them as well.  The first frame has pictures of just the three of us while the second has pictures of the extended family.

Now not all the pictures fit on those two frames.  We haven’t decided if we will look for another frame or hang some of the remaining pictures in smaller frames.  We didn’t take the time to paint the frames so they matched or do anything but add the pictures.  Large frames are actually easy to find in thrift stores.  Sometimes they come with art but most are easy to alter for a similar project.  The best part is we have fewer surfaces that require cleaning and we get to stand in front of one picture to admire all our memories (instead of 10-20 frames).