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Sorry about missing yesterday’s post.  It was such a crazy day that it was nearly over when I remembered.  Oh well, these things happen.

I wasn’t sure what to share today but with it near Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share a project that I did last year for Christmas.  I had meant to do another “advent” counting down to Valentine’s Day but the time got away from me.  I think I’ll do it for our anniversary instead.

It started with a frame and a need to have a sample for the store (which no longer exists).  I’ve seen so many project where a frame is turned into a sort of clothesline for notes and the like.

framed advent

I started with this frame, note the broken glass.  I took everything out until all I had was a frame.  I painted it white and added eyelets.framed advent

From there I added wire.

framed advent

While this was the finished project for the store, when we closed I wanted it for my house.  Our store had brick walls but my home has white walls so the white on white just wasn’t going to work for me.

In October, I bought mini-clothes pins which came in purple, black and silver.  So I painted the frame purple to match.  I glued a series of pins across the top of the frame and let the rest hang out on the wires.

I’m sorry that I haven’t taken any updated pictures but you can imagine it, right?

So, Christmas was coming and I really wanted to use this to count down the days.  We didn’t have children at home so I could do something special for just my husband and I.

The idea I came up with was – take strips of paper labeled 1 through 25 and have us each write something inspirational for the other.  My husband took a little time to fully grasp what I wanted but was adamant each evening to share our piece of paper.  It was a really special time and I was sad when it was over.

What I envisioned was having all these bits of inspiration to carry us into the new year, I should have had us do them for the whole month because when Christmas came, it just didn’t feel right to leave them just hanging there.  I didn’t think it through completely.

So for our anniversary, what I was thinking was this – have the strips of paper 1-13 (since our anniversary is on the 13th of the month), write something special on them and then countdown to our special date.  I don’t know.

What I do know was that our advent calendar had a special feeling, not just for the season but for our relationship.  We ended 2014 with love and inspiration.  While this is not a great tutorial, I hope it sparks something for you.  It’s amazing how the important things often come on a slip of paper instead of a box.  The memories we build will involve moments of love.  That’s what I hope you find this Valentine’s Day.  No one says you have to have a soul mate to have great love.  This Valentine’s Day – take a moment to remind the people you love how special they are to you.  Skip the flowers and the presents and present them with words from your heart.