Coming up with my goals for 2015 was harder than it has been in the past.  Not because I didn’t know what I wanted to do or because I lacked focus or any of the problems that have plagued me in the past.  The reason was I was already putting into place some of the goals before I came up with them.  Also, I was more focused.

When I had written just a few goals, I stared at the page thinking that can’t be all.  Where were the pages of goals I usually write?  Where is all the self-hatred that I usually add into my goals?  Who was this woman writing these goals?

I had realized that as I wrote my goals, I had an understanding of the woman I am and the woman I want to be a year from now.  It was so strange.  I can remember years ago having a similar thought but it wasn’t out of self-loving.  I wasn’t encouraging myself, I was punishing myself for not being perfect.  Wow, what a drastic change.  Every goal I had came from a place of nurturing.  I knew my limitations, my fears and my hopes.  I based my goals on that.  I set myself up for success – what is that?  I’m still wondering what was going on there.

So, I’ve talked about some of the things I’ve discovered and came up with.  I started my goal planning with knowing that the one thing I wanted out of 2015 was a greater love for my neighbor.  I had a page of notes of, basically, tools to help me.  I started with a list of things I could do to show myself love.  Then a few things for my family and finally a few things I could do to teach myself to love others.  It’s all about learning over doing because the doing will come.

However, this was a hard goal to map using the star mapping process I learned earlier this year.  That’s when I started to understand the difference between a Goal and a Do (I talked about this last week).  These were big DO’s but they were still do’s.   So while that’s a big part of my plan for 2015 – it’s not actually a goal.

I brainstormed, attempted some mapping and came up with 4 solid and doable goals for 2015.  I took the map technique and twisted it a little to work better for me.  I came up with four parts to my mapping – Benefits, Obstacles, Support and Plan.  (I’ll share an example in a few paragraphs.)

My goals:

Overhaul my pantry – I want a supply of healthy foods that are available for as long as possible.  I don’t want to get to the winter and not have access to good food and I’m really tired of empty cupboards because we didn’t really plan ahead.

Overhaul my home – I want less clutter and a home that makes me feel comfortable.  My plan is to decorate, re-arrange and whatever I need to do to make spaces that I love instead of just live in.

Increase our household income – I have a dollar amount for each month and what that looks like for a year, just in case it comes in fits and starts.  Plus I have mini-goals for saving and charity donations because that’s what we really want out of increasing our income.

Publish my nonfiction book – This is a book I have finished and tried to find an interested publisher years ago.  I feel there is a market for this but I need to make some changes to make it more marketable.  The plan includes finding a traditional publisher, an agent and self-publishing.  Now while the hope is to have a publisher interested (if that is so, the timeline will reflect what they plan instead of my self publishing timeline), I researched self-publishing and the costs to put out a professional looking book.  I plan to set aside that money for the most expensive plan so that I will have enough.

So let’s look at how I planned my first goal of overhauling my pantry.

Goal: Overhaul Pantry

Benefits: Better food storage, better health, better food

Obstacles: Money, space, time, lack of planning, growing/production issues (out of my control)

Support: Family members


Set aside CSA money to spend at farmer’s market (CSA in 2014 was apx $600, revised to $1000).  Set aside money for canning supplies (original estimate was $200, revised to $500).  Buy foods in season and prep them as they come in.  Plan time.  Get help.  Make a list of foods we want to preserve and foods we need/enjoy.

Notes – I spent a week going through my canning recipes and figuring out how much produce we need and what kinds.  I estimated how many pounds of each and what month they would be available.  This was very eye opening.  We did realize that some foods we eat (such as spaghetti sauce) may not be cost effective to can ourselves.  We are going to can a batch and then see what happens.  While I plan to purchase everything, I am also working on a plan to have a garden.  I know what I grow well and think I will change where I garden even though it’s inconvenient.  I have a goal and it will be a lot of work but it’s work I love.

Hope this helps you plan your goals for 2015 and may we all find success.