Recently, I read a blog post and the author asked can September be the new January.  It got me thinking – there’s no reason that we have to leave the goal planning to January.  I often find that the goals I make in January don’t necessarily reflect my life when December comes.

As you may know, my life has gone through a lot of changes this past month.  These were changes I never would have predicted last January.  Not everything has changed but I find that my goals need to reflect my new focus.  Since we no longer have the store, we are free to pursue other dreams.

I’m seriously considering getting back into the published book game.  I left the idea a few years ago because I was tired of trying.  I had some good contacts and some positive things happen but when it boiled down I realized my heart wasn’t in it.  Now, I think I am ready to try again.  I’ve learned so much and have become more confident with my writing.

I’m dropping my goal of increasing the store income but I’m not going to replace it.  While I have talked about working towards publishing a book, I’m not making it a goal right now.  From now until the end of the year, my focus will be on creating.  Following the inspiration.  I’m excited and I hope you are too because that means posts on creating.  I’ve not been as active in the kitchen this year so there will be cooking and art and projects and lots of fun things to share.