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This has been a very trying month. It was definitely like birth – everything we went through was not necessarily a negative thing but it was painful.
To start with, we are now a childfree household. Our son was accepted into jobcorps and left fairly early in the month. About a week later, our niece was collected by her mother. We had been helping my parents raise her for the last year. It was sad.
Then we closed our store. We kept it open right to the end of August. Now we are in the process of sorting the inventory, getting rid of excess and coming up with plans to sell what remains. We have debt leftover from the store and hope we can sell enough items in a short time to make up that debt.
With all that we were exhausted but inspired. I am so inspired. I am looking forward to the next phase of our life.
So because we were so busy – the movie watching and book reading were at a minimum
Books – I got to read the last Courtney Crumrin graphic novel. I just love those books. It’s sad to see them go but they are great reads. The only actual novel I finished was The City of Lost Souls – not the best of the series. I’m not sure I like where they are going but it was okay. One book that I didn’t finish but loved what I did read was Jen Hatmaker’s Seven. I plan on purchasing the book so I can really take my time with it when I’m not so stressed.
Movies – Mostly we’ve been watching Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer but we did manage to slip in a few movies. Sharknado – I get that this is a bad, bad movie but it’s entertaining. I do recommend watching it, solely because it’s ridiculous. We watched the Lifetime move on Lizzie Borden. I like her story and this version left a lot of food for thought. No one knows if she really committed the murders or not but there’s a lot of evidence on both sides. She didn’t make the best decisions through her trial but it was a weird trial to watch. We are so hung up on the technology of crime investigation that it was fascinating to watch a trial that didn’t have that access.
The last two movies we watched, I loved – Stage Fright and You’re Next. I recommend both. Stage Fright is over the top camp (ha – there’s a pun in there that I didn’t intend). It’s funny and just off the wall. Great for silliness. You’re Next is a more serious horror movie. I loved the woman that seems like the main character to me. She was amazing and what I’d like to see in more horror movies. She was strong and a little like the character from Home Alone (no humor intended in this one). I just couldn’t wait to see what she would do next.
My goals went astray for the month.
There is no longer any organization in my home – the store items have taken it over but it’s not a complete loss. Before we started packing the store items home, we did manage to get my son’s room in order and cleaned. That was an amazing task that I believe should be used to punish criminals. It wasn’t even that long between deep cleans in his room.
No drawing done this month.
I read 3 full books and part of another. Two were for review while the others were solely for my own enjoyment.
No daily exercise unless I was able to squeeze in a walk but there has been a lot of packing and moving of boxes.
We did well with store sales but they were not enough to put us comfortably in the black.
I’ve decided that September is the perfect time to re-evaluate my goals and go from there. Stay tuned for a post on exactly where I think I will go for the remainder of 2014.